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// This is my must have shopping list for my favorite Gluten Free foods to eat GF in – Gluten Free products recommended by Lisa-Gluten Free Foodie for her blog Gluten Free Foodies and it’s readers. 

Please check back on a regular basis because I will be updating this list frequently as I find new loves. Thought I should say this …  I also enjoy a variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from my local markets.  I try to make most of my meals from scratch but sometimes it is just not a reality.  Thank goodness for all of these wonderfully delicious GLUTEN FREE products!

* I do not get paid for these statements.  The opinions listed below are mine and if there is a product missing from the list then … it just didn’t make the cut.  I refuse to speak badly about a company or product and feel it is better left unsaid.  I would much rather chat about the things that I love. There is only one stipulation, if you see me at the grocery store and there is only one of these items on the shelf … you better be fast!

Please be sure to check all labels and ingredients because some companies may change their ingredients without notice.

Maninis Gluten Free Flour Mixes and Fresh Gluten Free Pastas – By far are my absolute favorite Gluten Free flour mixes and Gluten Free fresh pasta.  Everything you make is will be full of nutrition from their Organic ancient grain ingredients, combined in a dedicated Gluten Free facility.  Your non-gf friends will not miss a thing and they will think you have fallen off the wagon!

Coconut Dream – I love love love a cold glass of Coconut Dream Vanilla when I just feel like a chilled glass of non-dairy milk.  It is a rich creamy treat and goes perfectly by itself or with some warm GF brownies or GF cookies fresh from the oven! YUM!

Kitchen Basics – stocks by McCormick are my new favorite because they DO NOT CONTAIN MSG! They also offer a variety of stocks, more than I have ever seen before – Seafood, Veal, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and also are available in unsalted.

Bob’s Red Mill – Baking Mixes and Flours.  You can find Bob’s at most stores or buy direct.

Enjoy Life Foods – Chocolate Chips, cereals, bars and cookies – all allergy free and Gluten Free!

Justin’s Nut Butters – Almond, Hazelnut, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut – squeeze packets they go with you everywhere and anywhere! Always extra nice on an apple, banana or a GF roll!

Larabar – dried fruit and nut bars that are great for on the go nutrition! I love the coconut chocolate, coconut cream pie, cinnamon roll, banana bread, lemon bar, cherry pie and I know they have a bunch of other flavors that are new but I haven’t found yet … stay tuned …

Bakery on Main – I love the Granola because it is the only one that I can find that does NOT contain oats! Hooray!

Kettle Brand Chips – I love all of the Gluten Free flavors … even just Sea Salt! I love, love, love Kettle Chips! I really need to kick the chip habit … but why? This really is one of my little pleasures … the flavors are great like – loaded baked potato – they offer organic and you can also find them everywhere which is really nice in a real chip emergency!

Turtle Mountain – SoDelicious Coconut Milk, Coconut Milk Creamers and Cultured Coconut Milk (Kefir).  This is a great non-dairy, non-soy product and I wish more coffee shops or cafes would provide this as an alternative.

Pamela’s ProductsI love all of Pamela’s Products! I mostly buy the mixes but indulge with the Extreme Chocolate Mini Bites on occasion … the cookies, biscotti and cheesecake are very delish too! Tip – I use the cookies to make pie crust by putting them into my food processor.  The bonus is that I get to enjoy one or two while I am baking.

DeBoles Gluten Free Pastas – I love the No Bake Lasagna Pasta, Mac and Cheese and really all of their pastas, they even have a multi-grain with flax.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods – potato chips, rice chips

Jones Dairy Farm Meats – I love the mild pork sausage patties. You can buy direct from the company to find more products.

Conte’s Pastas – Frozen Ravioli, Stuffed Shells, Gnocchi and Pierogies.  You can also get their frozen ready made meals and new Gluten Free pizzas directly from the company!

Columbus Meats – Must have for a party! Sliced salami and dry cured sliced meats.
Mrs. Leepers – Corn pasta and rice pasta and pasta meals – I really like the Chicken Alfredo for a fast, easy meal.  They also have cheeseburger mac and a variety of other comfort food meals.

Uli’s Famous Sausage – Most of their sausages are Gluten Free with the exception of the Bangers. I love the Hot Italian, Spanish Chorizo and Pork Apple Bratwurst. Oh … and they are in the Pike Place Market in Seattle … so you gotta’ love em’ too!

Boars Head – Sliced sandwich meats – Love the Black Forest Ham!

Niman Ranch – BACON! Need I say more?

So Delicious Coconut Milk and Creamers aka Turtle Mountain – Non Dairy beverages, unsweetened – great for baking, sweetened and vanilla flavors.  This is made from Coconut milk – NOT SOY – the name is very confusing.

Blue Diamond Nut Thin Crackers – I love these crackers! They come in Almond, Pecan (I can’t have these) and Hazelnut – love, love the Hazelnut. (No soy in these either!)  They also come in flavors but I like just the nuts to compliment my other goodies to go on top like chevre and pear slices or pancetta and date!

Kaia Foods – Raw snacks! Love the fruit leathers especially the vanilla pear, ginger lime … all of them!

Love the sprouted seeds like cocoa mole sprouted sunflower seeds … addicted to these actually… don’t tell anyone;).  I just love this company!

O.N.E. Drinks – Coconut Water is the perfect thing to help me with my awful leg cramps! The combo of the natural high amounts of potassium and other important minerals, electrolytes, no sugar added! I love the taste even if it is warm.  This is a must if you get leg cramps asI do! Buy it by the case!

Sweet Tree Sustainable Sweeteners – Evaporated Palm Nectar – I use this to replace sugar in my recipes.  You will see me refer to this quite a bit.  I think it tastes great and it is healthier for you than agave.  I do not consume agave anymore.  This truly has a low glycemic index of 35 for a sweetener and it is Organic and just better for you/me than cane sugar.

Surf Sweets (speaking of naturally sweet …) Love these! I love a little naturally flavored, gummy and fun candy every now and then.  These are perfect and sometimes I use them to top cupcakes!  They also make jelly beans and candy canes.

Theo Chocolate – Yes they are from Seattle and I am very proud because they are awesome! One of the only no-soy chocolates that I can find too!  Please check the label because a few things are not GF.  They are the only Organic, Fair Trade and bean to bar chocolate company factory in the US.

I love, love, love … OK so I have a major crush on them and the fact that during Valentine’s they put Rose petals in their bars which just amplifies my passion for them … but they make some amazing flavor combinations such as coconut curry, cherry almond and more, all perfect for the most dedicated and real chocolate lover.

Kinnikinnick Foods – … try and say that ten times! Love the frozen Gluten Free donuts! My favorites are the chocolate dipped, vanilla glazed and cinnamon sugar.  I haven’t had the pumpkin yet but hope to find it somewhere soon! Heat them up for 30 seconds in the microwave, covered and with a hot cup of coffee or tea!  YUM! They also have Gluten Free panko bread crumbs!  You can order direct from their site.

Isernio’s Sausage – all of their sausages are Gluten Free with the exception of the British Bangers. I love the variety of sausages that they offer from Hot Italian, Chicken Spinach Feta, to Chorizo! Hopefully you can find them in your area or look at their site for more info. The sausage makes even the amateur cook look like a top chef!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


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