Best restaurants for gluten free diets

best gluten free resturants

Living a gluten free life is tough enough, but it becomes even tougher when you have to find restaurants that cater to your diet. The good news is, that society is become more aware of gluten sensitivity, and that means that more restaurants, even chain ones, are offering gluten free options! Here are some of the ones most likely to be in your city.

Chik Fila

Chik Fila offers some gluten free options that you might consider if you need a quick bite or you’re going there with friends! This article from the company explains which food items are gluten free there.

PF Changs

Craving some chinese food but having a hard time finding something that fits in your diet? PF Changs has a gluten free menu that may help you out! It’s also a good place to go for dinner with family and friends who aren’t gluten free without feeling like you’re making a fuss.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen clearly marks their gluten free items on their menu, making it easy for you to choose a meal that will be kind to your digestive tract. Have a look here.


While a place like IHOP might not be the last place you think of when you think gluten free, the truth is they have a decent selection! They’ve added gluten free pancakes, waffles, and burgers to their menu, among other options. Plus, they’re everywhere, so it makes it easy to find something to eat if you’re out with family or travelling where gluten free choices are not great. Here’s their gluten free choices!

Bonefish Grill

Looking for a menu that’s a little more substantial? Bonefish grill has a large menu of gluten free items for you to choose from. While most places have one or two edible items for people with gluten sensitivity, bonefish grill has an entire gluten free menu, which is nice.

Outback Steakhouse

Similarly to Bonefish grill, Outback also has a full gluten free menu! Many of their normal menu items are already gluten free, which includes the seasonings that they use and most of their sides. Have a look at the full gluten free menu here.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

One of my new favorite chains. They’ve got a fantastic menu of regular items, but they’ve also got a great gluten free offering too! Great place to go with family and friends, because they’re affordable and have something for everybody.

Legal Seafood

Legal Seafood has many gluten free options which are marked on their menus for easy browsing. My only gripe is they don’t make it easy to see the menus online, and they seem to differ for each location.

Five Guys

If you’re craving a burger and you don’t mind not having a bun, then five guys is a good choice. While they don’t have gluten free bread options, their fries are safe, and they’re great about avoiding cross contamination.

Cracker Barrel

While cracker barrel doesn’t have a dedicated gluten free menu, they do make it easy to see which specific items are safe to eat. Plus, cracker barrel is absolutely everywhere, making it an easy place to eat when you’re tired and hungry on the road.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris offers an excellent gluten free menu. They have a nice selection of steaks and seafood, and they make it easy to find a great meal that won’t make you sorry for it later.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has a few gluten free options on their menu, but you must request it when you order to make the substitution. Sadly, only one of their cheesecakes has a gluten free substitution.

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