Happy Baby Organic Gluten Free Baby Food

Hip Hip Hooray! for Organic and Gluten Free Babies! Thanks to Happy Baby and Happy Family Brand Foods your baby and toddler can start their days off right with food that they like and is good for them.  Happy Baby Food is certified USDA Organic, Gluten Free, No GMOs, BPA Free (the packaging is really cool!), Kosher.
Shelf stable products and frozen foods include –
  • starting solids pouches
  • simple combos for 6+months
  • meals for 7+months 
  • happy tot meals
  • probiotic multigrain cereal
  • frozen meals
  • snacks.
I can actually say that I have tried the Happy Melts – Organic Yogurt snacks that are freeze dried in mixed berry flavor.  I liked them! Almost like a little berry meringue treat! I was just curious to see what they were like and had the opportunity to try them when I recently met a representative of the company.  I must say that this company is very involved in the community and you can buy the products online or find them at Whole Foods Markets.  Please contact the company to find out other locations in your area.

 I decided to share my samples with some experts … babies and toddlers that I know are picky eaters.  Let’s just say that lil’ Riley … loves the Sweet Potato Puffs! The Puffs come in a variety of flavors including greens, apple, banana and strawberry.  Great finger food for babies to learn tactility and self feeding.

Dr. Bob Sears, author and pediatrician is also a partner in the company.  The company also gives back to raise money for projectpeanutbutter.org for children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.  The website has a plethora of information for new parents to help make the healthiest choices for their new baby and toddler.

Happy Baby Foods gives a whole new meaning to Hip Hip Baby Hooray!


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