Cool Beans! Banana Coffee Cacao Nib Smoothie – No Dairy!

So if you just gotta’ have something two days in a row …
are you addicted?

Well, I know I am to this mid-day pick me up treat!

Banana Coffee Cacao Nib Smoothie made with Coconut Milk and frozen coffee ice cubes!

 I found these totally cool beans …
coffee bean ice cube tray made out of silicone recently!

I seem to have a little bit of leftover coffee each day so it is a perfect way to not waste, freeze and make a treat … right?!?!
The silicone is soft so it makes it easy to get the cubes out.  It really works … cool beans!

I came up with the idea of this smoothie yesterday because I wanted a combo of creamy, coffee … chocolate and naturally sweet.  This was a perfect excuse to pull out those COOL BEANS that I made the other day!

Banana Coffee Cacao Nib Smoothie
serves one so please double if you are sweet enough to share …
1-2 bananas depending on size
1 Tbs of raw cacao nibs
1 tsp Maca powder
4 cool beans – coffee ice cubes
1/4 or a sprinkle of cinnamon
Put all ingredients in the blender and … blend!
If you like it icier add more cool beans.
I use the cacao nibs because it is a superfood and I love chocolate!
They are a great source of antioxidants, iron and magnesium …
it also gives it a bit of a crunch too!
I use the Maca powder because it is a great way to get natural energy and balance my body. It is a superfood too and great for fighting fatigue with vitamins, essential minerals, fatty and amino acids!
The natural sweetness of the banana is all that you need!
I added a sprinkle of cinnamon because it is good for you and helps to balance
 the natural sugar of the banana so you don’t dip too low in half an hour.
Chill …
P.S. I heart Fred and Friends!!!

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