Andalou Naturals Nutrition From The Outside In

I have to share one of my new beauty secrets with you.  It is Andalou Naturals – skin, hair and body care that is certified Gluten-Free.  It is made with Fruit Stem Cell Science, a minimum of 70% certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients.  Who knew that looking for a natural and Gluten-Free SPF 30 for my face could be so enlightening?!

Earlier this year, I discovered the skin on my cheeks had become extra red and sensitive.  It would get worse with flares or when I would consume certain foods.  My dermatologist said that it was early stages of Rosacea.  She advised me to stay out the sun, wear a hat and wear least SPF30 on all exposed skin, preferably with zinc oxide.  So the search was on for me to find a product that would provide multiple duties, be natural, NON-GMO, moisturizing without greasiness and Gluten-Free.  I also wanted a product that would blend the unmentionable blotchiness, cover the redness and would assist me in hopefully hiding my age just a little bit longer.

Much to my surprise I found the answer to all my wishes!  I found Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses + Color Correct in Sheer Tan SPF 30.  It is Certified Gluten-Free, NON-GMO Verified, Vegan, Fair Trade and Organic.  It is the perfect combination of moisturizer and color coverage that blends so well with my skin tone. It has a bit of a yellow tone to it that hides my red patches perfectly.  I love that it has SPF30, which was not easy to find, so that I can get maximum protection and avoid further sun damage.


I found it at one of my favorite stores, New Seasons Market, in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area.  They have a lovely wellness department that includes supplements, skin care and makeup items that are all natural.  Luckily, the stars must have lined up when I made my wish because I found it on sale! I purchased the 1000 Roses Color+Correct Sheer Tan SPF30.  I went home, washed my face and put it on.  Later that evening I realized that my face felt very happy, soothed, light – almost forgot I had any product on my face.  I tried it for a few more days and ended up going back to try more products.  I found the perfect kit to test five new products with the Andalou Naturals Starter Kit.  I purchased the 1000 Roses for Sensitive skin, additionally they also offer products for Age Defying, Brightening and Clarifying.

1000 Roses Get Started Kit that includes -Kit Contains:
– .8oz 1000 Roses™ Pearl Exfoliator
– .5oz 1000 Roses™ Rosewater Mask
– 1oz 1000 Roses™ Floral Toner
– .4oz 1000 Roses™ Beautiful Day Cream
– .4oz 1000 Roses™ Heavenly Night Cream

The day and night creams are rich and soothing without greasiness.  They absorb quickly and have a light fragrance.  The pearl exfoliator is my favorite go to when I am feeling like my skin looks a little sluggish.  The pearl exfoliator and toner also help the creams absorb more easily. The mask is purifying and gives me the perfect time to kick back for a few minutes and listen to my favorite music.

I loved the night cream so much I went back to get the full sized night cream and another kit to use for possible travel down the road. So yes, you can say I am a bit obsessed with Andalou Naturals.  I went online to learn more about the company and additional products.  I had more questions because I knew I just had to share this good news with you.  I decided to contact them.  I was connected to Amy McKelvey – Brand and Communications Director for Andalou Naturals.  We had a nice chat and I thought I would share our Q& A with you..

Lisa – I am very appreciative of the certified Gluten-Free label. What was the thinking behind getting it or what provoked the company to do that?

Amy – We still have so much to learn about the inflammatory process and ingredient sensitivities. For people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, there is a very clear need for skin and hair products that are certified gluten-free.

Over 40% of Americans are affected negatively by gluten. Reactions vary from rashes to hugely debilitating digestive and energetic responses. Studies show that up to 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, so when it came to creating our formulas over 4 years ago, we knew they had to be Certified Gluten-Free and made with the best in organic, vegetarian, cruelty-free, Non-GMO Verified, vegan and natural ingredients available.

It’s not enough to say we don’t use any gluten in our products, brands that care-brands that understand must go the extra step to get certification. Andalou Naturals’ champions label transparency and always has. We were the first personal care company to be 100% Non-GMO Project Verified. The consumer’s right to know is a cause that we will always support and defend–as a brand we make decisions that help the consumer to make informed decisions about their product purchases and their health. No one should have to guess about product ingredients.

Lisa – I have had Celiac for approximately 11 years, it seems that my skin changes all the time. I tend to have Rosacea symptoms and that is what lead me to try Andalou – 1000 Roses. Is that the best product for Rosacea? Or is there another one?

Amy – One of my dearest friends has Celiac and it took a long time for her to get a diagnosis. I empathize with your journey and know that it has been very difficult at times. I love that you are actively sharing, educating and celebrating. Our 1000 Roses Line is formulated specifically for sensitive and reactive skin. The line is dermatologist tested and clinically proven to reduce redness and calm irritated skin by reviving the skin’s hydro lipid barrier. The Get Starter Kit is a great way to experience the routine for under $20  Serums are very important for rosacea, as they deliver critical nutrients deep within to address inflammation and cellular damage, so I would add to this kit the 1000 Roses Absolute Serum in the morning and the Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum at night. Turmeric is a powerful ingredient that works to block inflammation and increase circulation. Our consumers with rosacea rave about this combo.

Lisa – I really appreciate the SPF 30 in the CC & BB products. Does Andalou plan on adding SPF to the body lotions any time soon?

Amy – Our SPF 30 CC & BBs are the best! We do have a lot of new products launching soon but we do not have an SPF body lotion, as of yet. What a great idea though. I love our body lotions and butters made with organic and fair trade shea, cocoa butter, aloe vera, emollient rich plant oils, superfruits and Fruit Stem Cell Science®. I’m putting in a request to product development now!! Thank you.

Lisa – What is the most popular Andalou product?

Amy – We have a number of products that are consistently ranked in the top industry wide—but the number one seller is our Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream. When you have dry skin that is mature or showing signs of aging prematurely this cream is your ally. It is clinically proven to increase elasticity by 87% and renews cells while stimulating collagen production. Consumer’s love waking up to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and skin that is supple and revitalized—properly nourished and hydrated. It’s a dreamy product.

Lisa -How do you decide which product to use if you want to accomplish all – Age Defying, Clarifying, Brightening and have Sensitive skin? Not to be funny but don’t we want it all? I am guessing that some of the properties are similar throughout each product or can you clarify a bit more please?

Amy – Fruit Stem Cell Science® is clinically proven, award winning Age Defying Innovation, so all of our products, at their core are Age Defying. The different lines were created to help the consumer identify and address their key areas of concern. Naturally, most consumers have many areas of concern. I’m 43 and while my skin is primarily dry and showing more signs of aging, it is also sun damaged. I garden and have spent a lot of time outdoors–while I use the Age Defying line I also use the Brightening serum, BB and Probiotic + C renewal cream regularly to address hyperpigmentation. I also love the 1000 Roses Toner and Eye Revive Gel and the Clarifying Lemon Sugar scrub is amazing when I’m hormonal and showing more oil production in my skin. Start with one line and then incorporate different treatments from lines that are also areas of concern. They all work beautifully together. Email if you have any questions about which products are right for you.

Lisa – Can you please give me a bit of background about the founders and the company?

Amy – I love our founders and what they have done for the natural products industry. They are fearless leaders who are guided by an innate desire to create affordable, clinically proven, clean products that are good for people and planet. While Andalou Naturals is only 4 years old, Stacey and Mark have built numerous brands that have defined everything that our industry has come to stand for. Beauty Without Cruelty, Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica-I mean, it’s great when brands decide to do the right thing, but when they do what’s right before it’s trendy or in demand—that’s just wildly exciting! A lot of people don’t know about our founders’ commitment to supporting women’s education, equality and empowerment worldwide. 100% of the net proceeds from our A Path of Light Hand Creams directly supports Vital Voices Global Partnership, Open a Door Foundation and SHE-CAN scholarships and their shared commitment to support the next generation of young women leaders.

“When we launched Andalou Naturals it was with the intention to create a sustainable source of revenue for socially responsible people and projects; A Path of Light® is at the intersection where entrepreneurship meets philanthropy.”

~Stacey Kelly Egide, Founder & CEO of Andalou Naturals

It just so happens that June is not only the beginning of my favorite season – Summer – it is my birthday month.  I wanted to celebrate with you and now you can enjoy one of my new favorite products at 25% off your order until June 30, 2015, by using the special code GF25.

Just go to their site – Andalou Naturals to learn more about all of their products and to begin shopping now.

Thank you to Amy and Andalou Naturals for joining in on our celebration this month! I also want to thank them for making such incredibly luscious products that are certified Gluten-Free.



I paid for all of the products mentioned in this post.  I was not paid to post this.  I will not be paid if you place an order with Andalou Naturals.  This post is just my thoughts and inside scoop on my favorite things to help keep us all looking and feeling beautiful, from one Gluten-Free Foodie to another.