Gluten Free Tapas at Pollo Bravo

Are you traveling to Portland, Oregon any time soon?  If so, you must take note and put this on your Gluten Free Pdx list. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find the most delicious Gluten Free Tapas at Pollo Bravo Tapas Bar located in the Pine Street Market.

If you are like me it is all about the experience. We like to visit the latest and greatest with everything we do. Pine Street Market is one of the hot new trends in food experiences which expands beyond just one restaurant or cafe. Pine Street Market is a food hall with multiple restaurant food booths styled as a market place or piazza in southwest area of downtown.

The minute we walked into the Pine Street Market, I felt a rush of culinary excitement.  We could see shared tables in the center and vendor booths along the perimeter.  Additionally, some of the booths offer more intimate bar style seating.  While we continued to be drawn in and walk a few more steps, I could hear music and laughter in the background.  People were having a really good time. It is fun to see this vibrant energy created while the chefs and servers rush about preparing freshly made food and drinks.   There is nothing virtual about Pine Street Market, this is real-time entertainment for your senses.



I continued to look around, I knew I had to have a real taste experience as well. The hunt was on and I had to see if any of the vendors offered Gluten Free food.  So I kept my fingers crossed and ventured around to a Spanish Tapas Bar called Pollo Bravo.  I asked the staff behind the bar if they offered Gluten Free tapas.  The servers were so incredibly sweet and excited to say, “Yes! we have a variety of Gluten Free Tapas”.  I was hooked, so of course we gratefully sat down at one of the tall tables.

Our server asked what we liked and offered us some Gluten Free Tapas ideas from the menu.  I asked the server asked about ingredients and she kindly explained most of the tapas are naturally Gluten Free.  The chef came over at one point and asked if I had any other questions. It was so wonderful to know that the chefs and staff knew all about preparing and serving for Gluten Free Foodies like me! We ordered …

Pollo Bravo was beyond good it was perfecto! The chicken was masterfully moist and flavorful.  We couldn’t wait to dive into the Romesco sauce, which is made with crushed almonds, garlic and peppers. I was smitten with the first bite … encore, encore!

The big pillowy Papas Bravas are lightly fried and served with Saffron Aioli.  After a day of walking, we just needed the comfort of potatoes while sipped on a cool drink and recapped our adventures of the day.

As a result, it only seemed fitting to wrap up my tapas with Bacon Wrapped Dates dressed in Almond Honey sauce.  I savored my sweet and spicy treat and considered ordering more.  The menu offers the dates one per order but you can order as many as you want. I was good and treated myself to just one.  

Most of all,  I know the next time I visit Pollo Bravo I will get their flan. In addition there are more Gluten Free Tapas on the menu that you can see on their website. Pollo Bravo has a variety of locations throughout the Portland area so be sure to swing by when you are in Portland.

I insist that you visit the Pine Street Market and Pollo Bravo when you visit Portland. The Market is open daily from 7 AM – 11 PM and is a great place to run in and grab a bite or a drink anytime of day or night. There is something for everyone at the Pine Street Market and Pollo Bravo.

I can’t wait to go back to Pollo Bravo.  I know you will feel the same too!