Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza!

Come a little closer, I want to introduce you to my new favorite, Sonoma Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza! Now you can enjoy real honest to goodness flatbread pizza that is made without artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors.  The best part is that it is Certified Gluten Free!


artfully gf flatbread

Did you know that May is Celiac Awareness month?  Well I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to pick up some Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza and have a party!  I was so excited when I discovered this new certified Gluten Free Sonoma Flatbread Four Cheese pizza, I invited my friends over for a Pizza Party.  Actually it turned out to be an easy “Meatless Monday meal” as well.   I chopped up a few of my favorite veggies – purple onion, red bell pepper and fresh basil.  I heated the oven to 425 degrees with my perforated pizza pan in it to make sure it gets real hot.  Once the oven is ready it takes a little bit of patience, only about 9-11 minutes.  In the meantime I sautéed some mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil for a few minutes.  When they were done, I placed the toppings in ramekins and let everyone choose favorites to make their own “meatless master-pizza-pieces”.

The Gluten Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizzas are so flavorful with a crisp but tender thin crust.  The flatbread makes the cheesy topping  and sauce the star without being too bready.  You can find Gluten Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizza throughout the US in a variety of grocery stores.  Check out Sonoma’s Flatbread store locator here to find the Gluten Free Pizzas in your community.  Sonoma also offers a 6 1/2″ personal size pizza, a 10″ pizza for two and a 12″ family size – available with pre-made toppings in 4 varieties – Chicken & Fire Roasted Peppers, Four Cheese, Uncured Pepperoni and Fire Roasted Vegetable. The meats are nitrate and nitrite free and without growth hormones.

Well, let me just say that you will be as happy as a big Gluten Free Pizza Pie when you try the new Gluten Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizza.  Oh by the way, my guests didn’t realize it was Gluten Free.  I just love it when that happens, don’t you?! Go get some Gluten Free Sonoma Flatbread Pizza and tell me what you think!



I wanted to let you know that Sonoma Flatbread contacted me and asked me to try their new Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza – Four Cheese.  They sent some samples to me and in no way am I influenced by the fact that the pizzas were gifted to me.  You know I love my Gluten Free Pizza!  I stand by my rule,  if I don’t like it I will not talk or write about it.  I must say that I am a really big fan of Sonoma Flatbread Pizza.