Big Flavor In Every Brazi Bites!


Brazi Bites are the perfect for every occasion! What are Brazi Bites? Savory Gluten-Free cheese bread born in Brazil but made in Portland, OR.  Brazi Bites are made with 8 naturally Gluten-Free ingredients and are Non-GMO, no preservatives, no sugar, no trans fats and nothing artificial, 100% natural.

I love these little Brazi Bites because they are packed with BIG FLAVOR and are available in four varieties – Asiago and Garlic, Original Cheddar and Parmesan, nitrate free Bacon with Cheddar and Parmesan, Jalapeño and Pepper Jack.  

Just imagine cheese bread that is deliciously decadent alone or as a snack that is the perfect pairing in place of crackers or plain bread. Find them in your freezer section of your local store.  Make this cheesy bread for breakfast to dip into fried eggs in place of toast or serve with smoked salmon in place of bagels.

It is so fun to make them for a nibble platter for game time.  I love the Asiago and Garlic and Bacon with sliced apples and pears.  I also like to serve them with a big salad bowl and sliced meats.  Everyone can serve themselves and have fun making sliders.

Tip – Always make extra and watch them get devoured in a flash with a hot bowl of chili!


Stock your freezer today so you will always have them ready to enjoy. They are so easy to make 20 minutes from your freezer then into the oven for approximately 20 minutes until golden.  Click here to find Brazi Bites in the freezer section at your local grocery store.


Learn more about how Brazi Bites were created by Junea’s craving for a family favorite recipe for Pão de Queijo, Portuguese Cheese Bread, and see how they did on ABC’s Shark Tank on November 20, 2015. Check out their Brazi Bites here.