Tiramisu with Gluten-Free Chocolate Cinnamon Grahams

My oh my, I do love graham crackers! Thank goodness Pamela’s Products just came out with their newest Gluten-Free products – Graham Crackers – Cinnamon, Chocolate and Honey in traditional squares or minis.




I can’t remember when I have been so excited to try a new Gluten-Free product.  I opened the Gluten-Free Mini Chocolate Grahams first. Oh yummy! They take me back to my childhood days. Such a fun size and great to snack on by themselves because they are full of flavor.  I can say that I did a bit of scientific experimentation and they pair perfectly with all sorts of flavors of ice cream too!

I am so happy with the Cinnamon Graham Crackers they have so much cinnamon flavor, more than the ones that I remember when I was a kid. The cracker is sturdy and strong, perfect for making double loaded Gluten-Free S’mores!

Tonight I am getting together with some friends.  We decided to have a casual dinner party and I was asked to bring dessert. Since I had a busy day I decided to make one of my favorite super easy desserts but with a twist.  You know me never the total traditionalist.

I decided to make Tiramisu with Gluten-Free Chocolate Cinnamon Grahams – of course!



I used both the Gluten-Free Mini Chocolate Graham Crackers and the Cinnamon.  I made four medium sized desserts.


2 packages Pamela’s Products Gluten-Free Cinnamon, Chocolate (or Honey) Grahams

Mascarpone cheese – small container – BelGioioso is Gluten-Free!

1/2 cup espresso or your favorite dark coffee – sweetened

1/4 cup Dark Rum – optional

1/2 cup dark chocolate bar – shaved

4 Tbs cocoa powder


Cut up the cinnamon squares or use the minis.  Layer the both flavors of the grahams on the bottom of each of the jars.  Mix the espresso and liquor and pour some in each jar on top of the grahams.  Add a dollop of mascarpone on top of the grahams and the some shaved chocolate.  Layer again with the grahams, mascarpone, espresso, shaved chocolate and top with cocoa powder.  If there are any crumbs add them to the top.  Waste nothing! Put the lid on each jar and chill in the fridge at least 30-60 minutes to meld before serving.  Set aside any extra graham crackers to add to each dessert for an extra crunchy texture.


I love making individual desserts in a jars because they are easy to travel, just put in a box or padded bag, basket and then each person just takes a jar when it is dessert time!  I also love Pamela’s Products new Gluten-Free Grahams! 



Thanks to Pamela’s Products for sending me samples.  I was not paid or influenced by their complimentary gift.  I have been a fan of Pamela’s Products and have bought their products for years and plan to for many more.