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Foodie Films 2014

I am so excited for the buffet of Foodie Films 2014 is serving us this year! We seem to have our plates full with what I have selected as this year’s Must See Foodie Films.  So get out from behind your computer screen, cell phone screen and tablet and go to the big screen to see how Hollywood is making food a star!




I recently decided to whet my appetite with Chef – the film, written and directed by Jon Favreau and produced by OpenRoad Films.  I call this movie a Romantic Comedy because things heat up in the kitchen with Chef as he makes you fall in love with his passion for food. The plot of the film serves up a fun filled theme that follows through on entertainment with music, social media and food images that will make you want to eat more than just popcorn. Chef, the film, doesn’t miss a tweet now that Chef Carl has learned his way around 140 characters while multitasking in the kitchen and facing his nemesis.  Just as things are getting steamy in the kitchen, Chef hits a fork in the road and has to make a decision as to – what’s next?  His spicy Ex-Wife Inez (Sofia Vergara), has an idea that takes them to Miami where the real El Jefe is created.  The triangle between the bromance of Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), loyal friend and Chef Martin (John Leguizamo) and Carl and Inez’s son, Percy, decide to hit the road and get back to their food roots for inspiration.  This is a must see movie this summer that will get your appetite going for some down-home fusion food-truck food.


 Tasting Menu

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A Culinary Event is the culmination of 15 years of creating artistically exquisite food by a world famous, award winning chef – Mar Vidal.  Chef Vidal has decided take her journey on another road by closing her doors and promises to create her best culinary event to celebrate her success.  Her artistic culinary menus and beloved restaurant are worshiped by foodies from around the world. Chef Vidal makes sure that everyone is well fed and entertained down to the succulent last bite.

The theme of “one last chance” is intertwined in the story lines  between courses, giving us morsels into peoples lives as we see who comes to fill the tables and witness such a grand finale.  What will happen at the end will have to wait because it will only work if all of the emulsions are represented and blended together to make an exquisite meal of a lifetime. Even if you don’t get to taste this menu your eyes will devour every delectable bite.  This is a must for added inspiration beyond social media. Magnolia Pictures presents Tasting Menu starring Stephen Rea, Fionnula Flanagan, Claudia Bassols, Jan Cornet, Vicenta Ndongo and Togo Igawa.


Haute Cuisine

my-pic haute cuisine

Who knew that a farmer and self trained cook, Hortense Laborie, would be called by the French government to be the personal chef for President François Mitterrand? Yes, it was one of those days when you shake your head and say is this for real? Hortense’s life is turned up side down when she gets a chance of a life time when President Mitterrand requests a “chef from the countryside that cooks like my grandmother”. Mitterrand was tired of the haute cuisine from the past 7 years of his first term and wanted simplified meals which happen to be Hortense’s specialty.  Once she accepts the offer she realizes that she is in for a battle between kitchens when she insists on being called Hortense – not chef, as she wraps her signature kitchen apron around her waist. 

The film unfolds into a beautiful and bountiful setting with steamy food images of the meals that Hortense creates.  You want to leap out of your seat and cheer from the sidelines as she strives to create just what the President desires to win and satisfy his appetite for simple meals against the all male chefs in the main kitchen.  Once she really gets rolling she brings in her purveyors from her countryside home to bring her truffles and Organic produce. There are moments of challenges and sweet tender moments throughout the film that remind us of how food connects us all of us. Haute Cuisine is based on a true story and is produced by the Weinstein Company.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film and it inspired me to stick to my roots and to the kind of food that speaks to me in everything that I do.


Fed Up



The documentary film, FED UP is a collaboration of Executive Producers Katie Couric, Laurie David (Oscar Winning Producer of An Inconvenient Truth) and director Stephanie Soechtig about the food industry from the past 30 years. The film follows families that are morbidly obese and shows how the food choices they make are a result misleading marketing. This epidemic is not just at the grocery store it is within our school lunch programs. FED UP gives us insight as to how this epidemic is spreading like cancer with allowing companies to reach the students at a young age to make them customers for life.

Throughout the film there are very informative, expert interviews from Michael Pollan, President Bill Clinton, Dr. David Kessler, Dr. Mark Hyman, and many more. Their thoughts give us insight as to why our past/current food system are making us sick and what we should do about it.  Is there a reason that diabetes is on the rise as soda sales are soaring?  The film spotlights the insanely high levels of sugar, disguised in all forms and gives us a lesson in reading food labels which will make your head spin. But wait, the dairy industry finds a way to sell a commonly consumed beverage and to make another cash cow product that is heavily marketed to ensure it will be in everything you consume.  So before you go out to eat another double burger with extra cheese and a super sized soda – GO SEE – FED UP and discover who is making big bucks for the food industry and why your waist is continuing to grow.

You can take a stand and tell the food industry your are FED UP too. Make your voice heard by the food industry with changing the way you shop for your groceries. To learn more about what you can do for yourself to make better food choices for your health FED UP has a “Sugar Free for 10 Days Challenge” that you can sign up for and follow on their web site.

FED UP the Movie will change the way you look at your food when you shop at the grocery store and eat out. This will hopefully be the kick start you need to clean out your pantry and make a fresh clean food start by shopping at your local Organic Farmers Markets.


So if it is getting too hot outside, grab your foodie friends and go inside to cool off at your local air conditioned theater! I hope that you enjoy my Foodie Films 2014 recommendations as much as I did.  For additional information go to to find local show times and theaters.  I am not associated with any of the films.  The opinions and descriptions expressed are my own for which I am NOT compensated. 

Go, See, Eat and be inspired by Foodie Films 2014!