gf brownies made for you

Easy Gluten-Free Brownies

I am a baker that definitely enjoys spending some quality time in my Gluten-Free kitchen. But sometimes you have to put the proverbial pedal to the metal and the joy of baking is more about getting to that decadent bite as fast as you can.  The other night we were getting ready to watch a movie and we were craving something fabulous and fast.  The one thing we agreed on is that everyone wanted a chocolatey Gluten-Free treat. I love having a few mixes tucked away in my Gluten-Free pantry so that when the desire strikes, I can make it in a flash! So I went into the kitchen and started to make the perfect chocolate comfort food treat –  deliciously easy Gluten-Free Brownies from Kember’s was perfect!

gf brownies made for you

I love Kember’s mix because it is Dairy and Soy Free and because they use a variety of flours, almond and sorghum  that are a good source of protein and tapioca to keep it light.  The chocolate is Fair Trade. Kember’s products are made in a dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen and certified NON-GMO.

The brownies are so easy all you need to do is mix in 2-3 eggs depending on your cake or fudge-like-ness preference, oil (I use grape seed) and vanilla.  If you want to add more chocolate, nuts or whatever to the mix that is up to you.  I made the brownies in ramekins so that the brownies were portioned and my guests could customize their brownies.  We added M&Ms, walnuts, chocolate chunks and coconut in various amounts.  Believe it or not, one brownie was left as a traditional, nothing added, just pure brownie goodness.  Once the brownies were baked, we topped some of them with Non-Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream so it would melt into the brownie.

I added iced cold coconut milk to mine! Might sound odd I know, but I love that creamy-coconut-milky texture as it oozes into my gooey brownie. It is as if I had intentionally spilled my milk inside my brownie! Oops … Oh my! 

I have to share with you that all of my family and guests know that everything I serve is Gluten-Free.  When I went into the kitchen the others were distracted.  Just before I put the brownies into the oven I asked if anyone wanted to add a few … add ins. I threw the bag away before anyone knew that this was one of my super fast and deliciously easy Gluten-Free brownies from a MIX! So let’s just keep that our little secret, Ok?!

Everyone raved about my secret super deliciously easy Gluten-Free brownies.

I met Marilyn Roseburrough, the master-mix-maker, recently at a Gluten-Free event.  She shared her story with me and said she was told by her doctor to go on an anti-inflammatory diet which included no gluten, dairy, soy, potatoes, corn, sugar or coffee. So she went cold turkey and lucky for us she made it through with flying colors and better appreciation of food so she created Kember’s Gluten-Free.  Marilyn, her daughters and husband all help out with mixing, bagging and selling their products.  Her daughters are the sweetest and happily enjoy a Gluten-Free lifestyle to support mom.

Kember’s Gluten-Free also makes Pumpkin Bread, Crepe and Waffle Mixes.  Oh my goodness, I have tried the Pumpkin Bread and it was so soft, moist and flavorful.  I can’t wait to try the others. You can buy Kember’s Gluten-Free Baking Mixes online from her site direct – Kember’s Gluten-Free or you can find her with her family at either the Vancouver or Camas Farmers Markets.  Her products are also sold at Lingonberries and at Neighbors Market in Vancouver, WA.



Disclosure – Marilyn shared a complementary bag of her Brownie Mix with me.  She asked me if I would try it and give her some feedback.  I told her the same statement as I do everyone, if I do not like it I will not write about it.  I was not paid for my opinions that I happily wrote in my post today.