certified gluten free oat cup

Easy Gluten-Free Snacks and Meals

I am so impressed with GlutenFreeda brand foods! All of their products make enjoying easy Gluten-Free snack and mealtime fun and flavorful.  You will love GlutenFreedas products anytime and anywhere. Why? Just look at their mission statement, it says it all – GlutenFreeda mission is “To help people with dietary restrictions return to a normal life of eating by offering convenient, high quality, authentic tasting, delicious consumer products that people eat every day.”

GlutenFreeda offers Certified Gluten-Free Oats in packets, cups and packets of granola in a variety of flavors.  All very delicious and offering the best quality Certified Gluten-Free Oats flavor combinations made in a 100% dedicated Gluten-Free facility in Washington state. Real Apple, Maple and banana flavor is the perfect way to warm up and rev you up!


What does Certified Gluten-Free Oats mean to people with Celiac Disease?

It begins with the seed, dedicated farms that only grow oats and equipment avoiding all cross-contamination. Additionally after production, each batch is tested at the facility using the R5 ELISA to ensure <5ppm.  To learn more about the testing and inspections please go to – The Truth About Oats section on their website.

certified gluten free oat cup

This is genius! I love the idea of a instant Certified Oatmeal in a cup. What a great way to travel and enjoy your Certified Gluten Free Oats! Blueberries, Strawberries and Brown Sugar is just one of the ways that you can enjoy a little comfort food anywhere. Additional flavors include Brown Sugar and Flax, Cranberry, Apple, Walnut with Cinnamon and Golden & Brown Raisins with Cinnamon.

How fun is that?!

So easy to get some hot water at your local coffee shop, airport, or on an airplane while traveling and don’t forget your spoon! This is by far an easy Gluten-Free snack or meal anytime and anywhere.

Love it! 

glutenfreeda granola

Don’t forget GlutenFreeda’s pre-portioned, generous portions I might add, granola packets.  Easy to put in your purse or bag for a snack on the go. Great to enjoy alone after a workout, in between appointments or on top of your favorite Gluten-Free yogurt and Ice cream! Fun and easy to use for a crumble topping on your favorite sautéed apples, bananas or pears! Use it in all your favorite recipes to add a nice crunchy texture.

GlutenFreeda also makes additional products that are just as easy to make when time is limited. They offer frozen burritos, pizza wraps, pocket sandwiches.  I love them all!

Thanks to GlutenFreeda for contacting me and sharing their Certified Gluten-Free Oats and granola with me.  I am not influenced by their complimentary products to write this post. I am originally a fan of their Gluten-Free burritos. I love to see that they are expanding their product line. I am now a fan of their Certified Gluten-Free Oat products and am happy to suggest this as a perfect Gluten-Free food to enjoy while traveling to friends and family.