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Must Have Organic Skincare 2013

 Come a little closer and I will tell you my favorite beauty secret …

hana organic skincare

HANA Organic Skincare. 

What is the one thing that your mother always told you to do when you were younger?

Take care of your skin, after all it is the largest organ of your body. 

My favorite beauty secret is HANA Organic Skincare which is handmade on Bainbridge Island, Washington.  This very small, lovely local company uses certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic ingredients.

I recently met with Karen Ries, owner and creator of HANA Organic Skincare, which started in 2010.  It turns out that Karen found her passion while studying to be an herbalist. She originally wanted to make medicines for her family. During the course, the students were required to make skincare products. So by chance she started to make the products and use them on her skin. She used to get eczema every few months so she tried her products on her rashes and they made it go away.  Of course she was thrilled with the results but in the process she discovered her passion of making a truly natural skincare product.  Karen shared her class project products with her family and friends. Once their products were gone they began to ask her to please make more!  She realized that she loved making products and that this could really be a business.  Karen realized that it was the process of creating and making wonderfully nourishing products to nurture our bodies. It was fitting that when Karen thought about a name for the company she wanted something to represent that nurturing spirit and decided to call the business – HANA, her daughter’s name.

We do care what you put on your body and what goes into your skin. Your skin is just as important to me as mine. We make small batches.  I test everything on myself.”  Karen is so dedicated that she is thinking about buying a farm to grow as many of her own ingredients that she can.  Currently she only buys the best Organic ingredients to meet her shared high quality standards.  Karen makes small batches of her products because they are meant to be used within a timely manner and not sit around.  If a product sits on a shelf, it needs preservatives and chemicals and that is what she avoids.

We talked more about skin conditions and I explained to her that during the diagnosing process, people with Celiac Disease can have skin irritation symptoms or Celiac of the Skin called Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH).  DH is extremely itchy, chronic conditions that requires medication and a strict Gluten-Free diet.  DH often looks like eczema. I asked her if she had anything that would help quell symptoms of DH or other irritations. Karen says that her Lavender Grains are very gentle and nourishing.  In fact this product contains certified Gluten-Free oats. Karen says the combination of the lavender and oats is one of the best things to help quell skin irritations.

hana organic renew

HANA Organic Skincare makes six products – Lavender GrainsGentle Cleanser, Gentle Toner, Renew, Luxe Serum and Eye Oil. She wants to focus her full attention on these products because they are the most popular.  Karen assures me that when she is ready there will be other products added in the future.  (Trust me I put in many requests for various products to be created. When you find something you love you just want more! Right?!! )

I am absolutely in love with all of the products but a must for me is Renew and Eye Oil to keep people guessing my real generation. I have been told that my skin has a healthy glow and that makes me feel really good.  I care about the ingredients – I eat foods that nourish my body internally so why not my skin? I like to make my skin incredibly happy. All of the products are 100% toxin and cruelty free, no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or perfumes. I actually think the natural fragrances from the lavender, rose, frankincense and others give me the added aroma therapy benefit as well.  I can’t wait to wash my face or to use the toner so that I can take a few long deep breaths and feel refreshed.

All of the products are Gluten-Free (certified GF Oats) and Non-GMO Project. Please go to the HANA Organic Skincare site for more information. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter as well to receive updates for new products and special announcements. Karen is happy to ship to you, if you are not local to the island or Seattle.

As a special bonus to my readers,

Karen is extending a

holiday discount for Gluten-Free Foodies readers. 

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HANA Organic Skincare accepts returns please see her site for the return policy. Karen says that the best place to spot check a new skincare product is the crook of the arm, or décolletage. 

“Think of our products as food for your skin.  This is precious, we make small quantities of our products with natural preservatives to be used daily and be replenished frequently.”  – Karen Ries

Karen’s sister makes the beautifully lined make-up bag, shown in the picture, by hand. The bag will hopefully be available to purchase soon.

So let’s just keep this as our beauty secret … okay? When I see that extra glow on your face, I will know where it came from.