gluten free grilled cheese with smokey pork

Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Smokey Pork

The chill in the air, long rainy days and the sound of the trees swishing around outsides makes me want some good old fashioned comfort food.  Luckily for me I found Essential Baking Company’s Gluten-Free Super Seeded Multi-Grain Sliced Bread at Costco the other day.  I love Essential Baking Company’s Gluten-Free breads and rolls because they are flavorful, hearty and  strong enough to keep your ingredients in-between the bread or bun.  (Not like other GF breads that crumble when you try to pick it up.) Such a good deal to buy a 2 pack of bread to have on hand for a hungry crowd when the grilled sandwich craving strikes!

essential baking gf bread

After a morning of shopping for good deals we worked up our appetite so I decided to make the classic Gluten-Free grilled cheese sandwich even better.

Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Smokey Pork!

I added smokey, shredded pork to a *blend of shredded 4 Mexican cheeses to create an epic smokey, sweet and spicy grilled sandwiches.  

gluten free grilled cheese with smokey pork

Heat a fry pan to medium high.

Smear butter or olive oil on once side of the bread and place it in the pan.

Add a layer of cheese, then pork, a little more *cheese – to make it stick, and spicy brown mustard. Top off with a second slice of GF bread that has been pre-smeared with butter or olive oil on the outside of the bread.  Now all you have to do is patiently wait for everything to heat and meld. I make my grilled sandwiches in a pan that I can put a lid on to help heat it all around and through the sandwiches.  You could also use a panini pan if you have one.

I added spicy hot mustard to the inside of the Essential Baking GF sliced bread because it just added the perfect peppery compliment to the smokey pork and the creamy flavors of the cheese.  The mustard also gets a chance to heat up and ooze into the rest of the sandwich so that you get some in every bite!

up close gf grilled cheese pork

 Great to make for Football Sunday with a side of hearty chips, raw veggies and sliced tart Fuji apples . Grilled sandwiches are always a nice compliment to a bowl of spicy black bean or traditional tomato soup.

Celebrate Fall with warm gooey, grilled, Gluten-Free sandwiches!