Personalized Service By Razzi’s Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen

If there is one thing that I can tell you about Razzi’s Pizzeria is that they know how to make delicious Gluten-Free, Organic, fresh made to order food for specifically for you!


The personalized service by Razzi’s dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen is key. I don’t know of any other restaurant that has gone to such efforts to create 2 kitchens – 1 that is dedicated and Certified Gluten-Free.

Amir Razzaghi, owner of Razzis Pizzeria knows how easily cross-contamination can happen.  Amir knows because he and his family suffer from multiple food allergies.  “We have a separate GIG-certified kitchen for baking our Gluten-Free breads and pizza dough.  We also have separate baking pans, utensils, and equipment that is only used for Gluten-Free products.  All of our Gluten-Free ingredients are stored in the dedicated GF kitchen area, far away and separate from all gluten-containing ingredients.”


Just as the Razzis Pizzeria logo says … “Savor Without Sacrifice”

He also takes it a step further!

Razzi’s Pizzeria in Greenwood has the largest Gluten-Free menu that I have ever held in my hands! It is so big it is double sided! Check it out!

It is also so hard to decide what to have because they offer so many of our favorites that are made fresh daily with Organic, Gluten-Free ingredients. I love everything on the Gluten-Free menu – lasagna, spaghetti, gyros, garlic bread, pizza and more!   They also have a Gluten-Free/Vegan,  Vegan and a traditional menu as well.  The menus also offer lunch specials, kids portions, desserts, GF beer and wine.  You can also purchase the Gluten-Free pitas, pizza crusts and bread to take home with you, all made in their dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen.


Trust me after just one visit you will be a big fan just like me!

Amir has taken his dedication to serving specially made delicious authentic Italian food just for you one step further.  Razzis Pizzeria has recently started a Personal Pizza Profile system.

Amir said, “When our customers fill out their personal pizza profile at RAZZíS, we store their preferences in our computer data system so there won’t be any confusion when placing orders in person or over the phone for delivery. For example, if we see that someone’s order doesn’t match up with his/her preferences, we will ask or call to clarify before sending the wrong dish. This is especially important with our Food Allergy and Gluten-Free customers.”  

 There are also additional incentives to fill out your Personal Pizza Profile card, all of Razzis  Personal Pizza Profile customers will get private invitations to events and tastings, special discounts, information about new menu items that they think you will love and free dessert on your birthdays. Rest assured that Razzi’s will only send things that pertain to the customer’s preferences. Razzi’s is really about personalization and accommodating to individual needs. Amir says, “the system is working out really great with lots of positive feedback,  with Personal Pizza Profiles, we can take that a step further.”

Check out a sample of the card below.  Just a few questions to help make sure you are completely satisfied and that you can

“Savor Without Sacrifice”


I look forward to seeing you at Razzis!