Gluten-Free Fiesta In As Little as 20 Minutes!

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Want gourmet Mexican food at home but don’t think you have the time or the energy? Well, have I got a deliciously easy tip for you!   Rick Bayless’s Frontera Sauces and Marinades.

Gluten-Free Fiesta In As Little as 20 Minutes!

Rick Bayless has created some of the tastiest Seasoning Sauces and Marinades and the best part is that most are created without Gluten.  Marinade some steak or use the Seasoning Sauces for chicken, pork tenderloin or seafood.  The Seasoning Sauces infuse the authentic flavors of Mexico into the meat while keeping it tender and juicy.  Even if you do not have a grill, Frontera sauces will taste as if you have been “putting in the hours” over a hot grill.  The little packets are filled with Smokey chillies, vegetables and citrus flavors that create various flavor profiles specifically for the meat that you choose to eat. Put Tacos, Enchiladas, and Carnitas on your menu for your fiesta!  Not a meat eater, no problema! I think any of the sauces would be great on roasted veggie and bean tacos in corn tortillas too!

I love that the seasonings are wet.  I think that it keeps the taco meat moist and saucy! The packets are great and provide clear information as to ingredients used, be sure to look for the  “no gluten ingredients used”.  For more information, cooking demonstration videos of Rick Bayless and product info please go to the website –

 Please note that the Mole and Fajita Sauces contain wheat.

Now you have a fiesta in as little as 20 minutes!

I really appreciate that Frontera Foods adds Gluten-Free information on their products. Rick’s daughter, Lanie, has been on a Gluten-Free diet since a young age.  Rick has been creating Frontera Foods specialty products since 1996.  I have been a big fan of his cookbooks and television shows since the beginning.  I love that he is so passionate about the flavors of Mexico that I love too.  Even better is the idea that I can create fast – gluten-free food with authentic flavors by using Frontera Flavor seasonings and products.  It just so happens that when I see his show I have an incredible craving for real Mexican food!  Hmm…I wonder why?!  Another good reason to keep your GF pantry stocked with Frontera Foods.  (FYI- this is not a paid advertisement.) Check your local grocery or specialty market. You can also buy online directly from Frontera Foods.  I received my packets as a gift from Andrea at Marina Market in Poulsbo, WA a really fun specialty shop in my community that also offers online shopping.