Happy Celiac Awareness Day 2013

I am often asked,  what is the one thing that I can say that will help people transition to a Gluten-Free lifestyle?  What is the one secret or tip that keeps me going day after day for almost 10 years?  I have to say it is just like everything else in life, focus on the positive.  I focus on the good that I  have in my life, my family, friends, my diagnosis and awareness that I have Celiac Disease.  Now that I know what makes me so sick and destroys my body, I do everything that I can do avoid Gluten. I also do everything that I can to share what I have learned through the school of life experience and my own research by writing my blog.   So what is my one secret tip?  It is not so secret because I say it and write it all the time …

“Celebrate the foods that you can eat!”


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