Gluten-Free Gratify Yogurt Pretzels!


This is a quick post to tell you about one of my new favorite Gluten-Free snacks, Yogurt Pretzels by

Gratify Foods


Gluten-Free Gratify Yogurt Pretzels

When I was growing up in Texas my mom worked at a gourmet food store.  They sold yogurt pretzels.  Yogurt was not a big thing back then and it was not something that I really liked.  The idea that yogurt was dried and on pretzels made me freak out!

… let’s just say that after my first bite I know what it meant to have that

perfect bite of salty sweet.

 When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004 I realized that my love for certain foods, including pretzels, let alone yogurt pretzels, would have to be a past love.  The other day when I saw this blue bag of Gluten Free Gratify Yogurt Pretzels, my heart skipped a beat!  I bought the bag with low expectations.  You see, I had tried some from another company a few years ago, they were horrible and fed to the garbage immediately.  I had to completely erase my taste memory from that very, very bad aftertaste of my first try of GF yogurt pretzels. 

  I took a deep breath, bought the bag and went to the car.  Just as I was about to drive away, I opened the bag and took a bite of one.  Let me just say, we went back into the store and bought the last 2 bags on the shelf.  Gluten Free Gratify Yogurt Pretzels are awesomely addictive. I have to tell you that this bowl was full for a few moments, just enough time so that I could snap the picture to share with you.

Gluten Free Gratify Yogurt Pretzels are a great treat to take with you for a road trip, picnic or a day at the beach! 

Find out more about where you can buy them in your neighborhood or online at . Gratify Foods make other snack products but I have not tried them.  As soon as I find them and try them I will let you know.  In the meantime … happy Gluten-Free snacking!