jennie-o turkey dog in essential baking bun

Gluten Free Turkey Hot Dogs – Better Than At The Ballpark!

I just had the best Gluten Free Turkey Hot Dogs! Seriously, it was the best hot dog that I have had in years! I know what you are thinking, how can a hot dog made with Turkey be good? Or the best?!  Jennie-o makes two sizes, regular franks and jumbo franks made with 100% turkey, natural smoke flavor and 40% less fat than beef franks.

very flavorful turkey gluten free hot dog

Better than at the Ballpark Gluten Free Turkey Hot Dog! Thanks Jennie-O!

Jennie-O Turkey Store really makes it easy to enjoy all of our favorite fun foods and stay healthy even at a neighborhood picnic! Jennie-O Turkey franks are only 6 g of fat, 1 carb and the Jumbo Turkey franks are 10 g of fat, 2 carbs.  Check out Jennie-O Turkey Store’s list of products that are Gluten Free on their website. 

jennie-o turkey franks gluten free

Regardless, if the weather is great outside or not, you can enjoy the taste of summer cooked indoors or out.  Jennie-O Turkey franks are so flavorful with the natural smoked flavor everyone will think you cooked them outside on a hot grill.

jennie-o turkey dog in essential baking bun

Go ahead …dive on in! It is Gluten Free Turkey deliciousness!

Tip – use  your grill pan on your stove top at home to make the marks on your dog.  The eyes will see the grill marks and everyone will think you went to the extra effort to heat up the grill. It will be our little secret!  Let’s just say I fooled a few people.

essential baking gluten free hotdog buns in bag and on counter

Photo courtesy of The Essential Baking Company – New Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns.

Can I tell you another secret?  Please don’t tell anyone but I am not usually a fan of hot dogs! Honestly, I usually will go for a Gluten Free burger or a sandwich before I would go for a Gluten Free hot dog because I have been so disappointed in the past.  I can honestly say that Jennie-O has made me fall head over heels in love with their Turkey hot dogs. It makes me feel great that they are healthier too!

I served my GF turkey hot dogs with all the fix- ins, spicy mustard, ketchup, relish, onions and sides of sweet baby carrots, snow peas from my garden and crunchy Kettle Chips. I paired the hot dogs with Essential Baking Company Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns.  I purchased my GF Essential Baking hot dog buns, $5.99 per bag at Central Market in Poulsbo, WA. Please note the buns come 4 to a package so you will need more to equal a package of Turkey franks. I put some Earth Balance buttery spread on the bun and placed it on the hot grill to heat up for a crisp and soft texture. 

So go … get yourself some “hot dawgs”!



Thank you to Jennie-O for sending me a voucher to purchase their Turkey franks. I purchased the other ingredients and it was pure deliciousness! I was not paid for my sincere opinion.