Rainier Cherry

Naturally Gluten Free – Rainier Cherries


Sometimes …

I think that the simple things are a necessity. The summertime is one of my favorite times of the year because it is quite naturally easy to eat Gluten Free. One of my favorite treats that the Pacific Northwest region creates is Rainier Cherries. They are so beautiful with their golden yellow and blush red hue. One of nature’s works of art! The flavor is slightly tart and slightly sweet. I think they are very different than the dark red cherry, excuse me for one minute … yes, ever so slightly sweet and tart with a creaminess to it. Absolutely ahhh-mazing!

Rainier Cherry

Naturally Gluten Free – Rainier Cherries only make a brief appearance late June and into July provided that the orchards have nursed them and have been patient. We all must wait for the perfect weather conditions to ripen the cherries so that they can be picked and delivered to us. I hope you realize that I am doing extensive research on the subject and have a bowl filled with them for inspiration as I write. I just learned that Rainier Cherries are a cross between a Bing and a Van (I am not sure what a Van is or if I have had a Van Cherry soI will get back to you on that one.) Harold Fogle was the director of the cherry breeding program at WSU extension in Prosser , WA made the cross in 1952. The first Rainier Cherries were released in 1960. Word on the street is that the mother tree still exists in that area and receives royalties and is trademarked!

I like to take cherries with me wherever I go during the summer. I usually pack them in a container with a few ice cubes just to keep them chilled. There isn’t any thinking involved, they are naturally gluten free. Naturally Gluten Free – Rainier Cherries don’t need to “go with anything” because they are perfect by themselves while you read agood book at the beach (or while you write). They are also the perfect “house cooling” gift at a BBQ in a nice bowl. Just watch everyone’s face light up when you walk in with Rainiers. It will be as if you have a fine prized bottle of wine! I do have to caution you that the Rainier Cherries have pits just like any other cherry. So please be aware that this is one time will I will say “don’t forget to spit” because of the pit and not because they are not good. You might also want to be aware that they may cause unprovoked competition between house guests and party goers as each “cherry pit spitter” tries to out do the other. Have fun, enjoy and as we say here …

Life is but a bowl of Rainier Cherries!




One thought on “Naturally Gluten Free – Rainier Cherries

  1. MMMMMmmmmmm… Rainier Cherries are my favourite too…, does this mean that next time I see you, you might be carrying a little container of Rainier’s with a couple of ice cubes??? – I can’t wait:)


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