coconut dream coconut milk

Gluten Free Snack Time

It is 3 PM and I have a craving for something rich, creamy, cold and slightly sweet!

 You too?!

My new Gluten Free snack time favorite is a chilled cup of Coconut Dream beverage.  Just one cold cup hits the spot in between mealtime as a satisfying snack, Yes a snack can be a rich satisfying drink loaded with MCFA’s to help support your metabolism and enriched with vitamins A, D, B12 and Calcium.

coconut dream coconut milk



This drink is full of flavor and makes a perfect beverage on its own or added to your favorite tea.  I love a dash of Vanilla Coconut Dream in a hot or cold cup of Earl Grey Tea!  Great to make iced coffee too! 1 cup of Coconut Dream is 90 calories and only 8 g of sugar from evaporated cane juice.

I really love buying my Coconut Dream in the shelf stable containers so that I can take them with me for a road trip in a cooler. TIP – freeze them and add them to the cooler to help keep the rest of your items in the cooler cold.  The beverage will slowly melt and will be ready when you are in the mood for a creamy cold treat.

I love that Coconut Dream is made from real coconuts and is non-GMO, without artificial colors or preservatives.  It is a great way to enjoy being Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan! Their flavor  is perfectly sweet, not too much.  In fact it is so good that they won the Chef’s Best Certified Award in 2011 and 2012.

chefs best coconut dream drink


Look in your local grocery store for their shelf stable, non-dairy substitutes.  If you can’t find it ask you manager to buy it and show them this posting.