Gluten Free Spicy Breakfast Tacos

This is a childhood favorite! Gluten Free Spicy Breakfast Tacos.
Hearty, spicy chorizo, potatoes, eggs and my homemade Gluten Free Tortillas!
I about cried with joy when I took my first bite in the picture. This is
so easy to make and well worth the effort! The aroma wafting through the kitchen will make everyone super hungry and wake anyone trying to sleep!
Follow my recipe for the
this recipe makes 8 tortillas
Ingredients for the Breakfast Taco filling
2 links of Uli’s Spanish Chorizo – soft
4 Yukon Gold potatoes
5 eggs
sea salt
Aji Amarillo dried spice
Smoked Paprika
Cook the chorizo and potatoes with the garlic, sea salt and spices.   Add the eggs and mix it all together as the eggs cook.  Serve with fresh homemade Gluten Free and buttery spread.  Add a little hot sauce if you like an extra kick!
Gluten Free Foodies you will love Gluten Free Spicy Breakfast Tacos!

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