Purple Sunrise Cereal bowl

Warm Purple Sunrise Gluten Free Organic Cereal

Purple Sunrise Cereal bowl


Do you miss a warm bowl of oatmeal?  I hear ya’! I am allergic to oats and miss them terribly. No worries my Gluten Free Foodies friends, Purple Sunrise is a healthy and flavorful way to start your day!

Camano Island Mills makes the dried cereal that you make at home.  It is fast and easy to make a bowl of just add water to make it on your stove top or microwave.  Warm Purple Sunrise Gluten Free Organic cereal made with almonds, forbidden rice, buckwheat, canahua (baby cousin to quinoa), millet, brown rice, amaranth, chia seeds and flax seeds.  All Gluten Free, No GMO’s , Kosher and so easy to make in just a few minutes. This warm bowl of Purple Sunrise is very satisfying and packed with energy making whole grains to get your day started the healthy way.

I made mine on the stove with water. The directions say you can also make it with your favorite non-dairy or dairy milk. All it takes is a few minutes of stirring, letting it rest and it is done!  I added a drizzle of my favorite Ginger Syrup by Morris Kitchen with dried cranberries.   I made another bowl with a drizzle of Preserved Lemon Syrup and dried blueberries.  It would also be lovely with fresh fruit but I wanted to make this and share this as soon as I could.  I keep dried fruit in my pantry for this very reason when I am out of fresh fruit!

CIM Purple Sunrise bag

The texture of the cereal is so great, you can really taste the almond flavor.  I like it without the syrup but just a little really enhances the whole grains. I also tried it with a little Coconut Cream and that just made it even more decadent!  Whichever way you try it, I like them all! Keep it natural, try maple syrup or a little of your favorite preserves.  My guests really like it too!

Barbara Swartz created her company Camano Island Mills and Purple Sunrise cereal for her daughter that had reactions to wheat.  Her family has benefited from eating and enjoying the cereal as well. Read more about Barbara, her family and company on their website. Camano Island Mills is completely wheat free, oat free and vegan. You can order Purple Sunrise directly from their website. You can also purchase it at a few locations in Washington state.  They are adding stores a quickly as they can.  Barbara says she her core values are to care for her family, community and environment.  She has created partnerships with suppliers and is excited about sharing healthy education practices.

I highly recommend buying a few bags from them online.  I found that one bag serves 3 bowls. Bring the empty bag into your favorite grocery store. Ask the manager to start selling Purple Sunrise at their store so you can buy it from them.  This way you to can share your favorite breakfast – Warm Purple Sunrise Gluten Free Organic Cereal with you community.

Happy Celiac Awareness Month!