Go Bananas Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat

Go Bananas for Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat

Go Bananas Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat

I love love love the cold creaminess of this recipe.  I love it as a breakfast treat or a dessert treat anytime of the day or night. Just a few Gluten Free Vegan ingredients and 2 easy steps to make this Go Bananas for Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat.

This is my SoDelicious Dairy Free 2013 Recipe Contest entry!

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So Delicious Coconut Milk Unsweet

 Go Bananas for Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat

Step one – SoDelicious Chocolate Chia Pudding

4 Tbs. Chia Seeds

1 1/4 cup SoDelicous Coconut Milk – Unsweetened or Unsweetend Vanilla

1 Tbs. Cinnamon

2 Tbs. Palm sugar

1 Tbs. Gluten Free Vanilla

2 Tbs. Pernigotti Cocoa Powder

1 12 oz. or larger canning jar

Turn on some of your favorite dancing music. Put all of the ingredients into the canning jar.  Seal the jar with the lid and shake, shake, shake your “groove thang” while it all mixes up! Mix for 1-2 minutes or when you see all of the ingredients incorporated together.  Place the jar in the refrigerator overnight.  This will allow the Chia seeds to become plump, thick and pudding-like from absorbing the coconut milk.  Allowing the Chia seeds to absorb the liquid also makes it much kinder and gentler to digestion. When they become plump they have absorbed all of the liquid they can.

 Choc Chia Pudding in Jar

Shake it Choco Chia Pudding

When you open the jar you will see the thick pudding grew overnight.  That is from the liquid being absorbed into the Chia seeds.  You can eat this SoDelicious Chocolate Pudding alone or you can kick it up a few notches and carry on with this recipe!

Step 2  Serving – Go Bananas for Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat 

SoDelicious Coconut Yogurt or Greek Yogurt – Plain

Sliced or chopped almonds

1 small banana – sliced


3-4 Tbs SoDelicious Chocolate Pudding

step 2 ch chia SoD treat

Choco Chia Pudding Cloud

Pour your favorite SoDelicious Coconut Yogurt into a chilled bowl.  Add the SoDelicious Chocolate Pudding. Add the sliced bananas, almonds and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

I like to use the plain SoDelicious Yogurt but it works wonderfully with any of the flavors. The new SoDelicious Greek Coconut Yogurts would be lovely as well!  I also change it up and add berries to the bowl as well! This chilled, creamy chocolate treat is so easy – no bake – so no heating up your kitchen!  The other wonderful thing about this recipe is that there is minimal clean up! The jar and the bowl is all that needs cleaning when you are done with them – so it is a sustainable treat too!  The chocolate pudding recipe makes 2-3 servings and lasts 1-2 days in the refrigerator. 

TIP – I like to let the Chia Seeds sit in the chocolate coconut milk mixture overnight to allow for maximum liquid absorption.  If you skip this step and try to make it right away the Chia seed will try to draw moisture from your body and may cause dehydration.  So if you don’t want to wait overnight – allow the Chocolate Chia Pudding mixture to chill in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours.  Trust me it is well worth the wait! 

So go ahead … Go Bananas for Chocolate Chia Coconut Yogurt Treat

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