Gluten Free Smoked BBQ Tacos

GF Smoked BBQ Tacos

Now this is my way to enjoy the best of Cinco de Mayo!  This is where the best of Texas Smoked BBQ meets real Mexican Gluten Free Homemade Flour Tortillas! Make some easy – Gluten Free Smoked BBQ Tacos!

This is the easiest recipe! Make or buy some smoked pork BBQ.  You can also use smoked brisket or smoked chicken.  Add your favorite Gluten Free BBQ sauce.  I love love love Pendleton Original BBQ Sauce.  Slather the smoked BBQ in it and keep warm. Make some of my Gluten Free Homemade Flour Tortillas.

GF Homemade Fl Tortillas

Place a nice portion of Smoked BBQ slathered with Pendleton’s BBQ sauce on the Gluten Free Homemade Flour Tortilla.  Top with crisp cold romaine lettuce.

Up close GF Smk BBQ taco

This is the perfect meal to serve on a hot day with minimal time in the kitchen.  Smoking the BBQ outside or buying it makes for less clean up too! I love to make my Gluten Free Smoked BBQ Tacos spicy, especially on a warm day.  The smokey flavor of the meat, with the spicy peppers in the sauce just begs for a the cold crisp lettuce and a cold sweet beverage. Serve with a nice cold GF beer or a Sweet cold Apple Cider in a chilled glass. Sweet tea works just as well, just make sure you serve it in a big chilled mason glass with chunky ice cubes.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!