SoDelicous UnSweet Vanilla Coconut Milk with GF cookie

SoDelicious Coconut Milk and More!

SoDelicous UnSweet Vanilla Coconut Milk with GF cookie

One of my new favorites from SoDelicious Non-Dairy – Milks, Ice Creams and Yogurts is the – Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk.  It has the perfect amount of sweetness and creaminess to go with all your favorite Gluten Free treats! My new favorite has 0 sugars and 2 carbs!  You can buy it in the refrigerated section or as shelf stable packaging in the grocery store.  I love it with cereal, over fresh berries and bananas, in my coffee.  I really love it in my Earl Gray Tea! Try it!

SoDelicious is more than Coconut Milk.  SoDelicious also has almond milk, ice cream, yogurt.  Most of their products are Gluten Free – Certified Gluten Free!

One of their newest products is Greek Yogurt! Love making dressings and dips with it!

coco yogurt greek plain

SoDelicious has a fun promotional crew that is traveling across the USA – tweeting up a storm! Are you in the West? #SoDWest or East? #SoDEast – tweet out to them and tell them where you are and they just might show up at your office or favorite coffeehouse!


Want SoDelicous to come visit you?

I am so happy that SoDelicious has created products that are Organic, GMO free and Certified Gluten Free.  It makes being Dairy Free so much easier and so delicious!