Weeknight Gluten Free Cookbook

Weeknight Gluten Free Cookbook

Can I just say how much I appreciate and love this new cookbook by Kristine Kidd?  Newly published  – April 2013, Weeknight Gluten Free cookbook, written for William-Sonoma, is a beautiful compilation of recipes that just happen to be Gluten Free.  The recipes are approachable and not intimidating.  The photographs by Kate Sears are gorgeous and draw you in and really make you want to – make all of the recipes.

Weeknight Gluten Free

I was so excited when Kristine and her publisher sent me this book, I had to dive in and quickly write about it.  Perfect timing to celebrate Celiac Awareness ! Weeknight Gluten Free is a simple cookbook that is well organized with over 100 recipes – meatless, seafood, poultry and meat.

This Thai Beef and Broccoli Curry really caught my and eye and looks perfectly spicy. Just what I am in the mood for tonight!  Kristine’s recipes include tips on the side of the page that either give you more information about the ingredient or a technique that is used in the recipe.  I love tips and find it very helpful to learn more about making great food.  I haven’t made a lot of Thai food because I find it intimidating for some reason.  It just never seems to taste as good when I go out to get it at my favorite Thai restaurant. When I look a Kristine’s recipes I know that if it is simple and quick for me, then it is for everyone.  She even uses the microwave to heat up a few things to save time.  I just need to run to the store to grab a few ingredients.

Weeknight GF Thai Beef Broccoli

I think this is a great gift – for Mother’s Day, a graduate or someone newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  The Weeknight Gluten Free cookbook is great to have for a family that wants to make a meal that everyone can enjoy – regardless as to how many people are on a strict Gluten Free diet. I can tell just by looking at the recipes, the ingredients that are used are fresh and flavorful.  You will find some comfort foods updated – Macaroni and Cheese with Chard and Sage Bread Crumbs, Skillet Cornbread and Oven “Fried” Chicken with Baby Spinach Salad.  The beginning of each section provides information about the category or a specific ingredient such as Poultry, Meat or Quinoa.  There is additional information in the back of the cookbook that provides helpful tips on making the most of your meals, cooking efficiently and basic recipes that tie in with the main recipes in the cookbook.

Kristine Kidd is a bestselling food writer and was the food editor for Bon Appétit magazine for more than 20 years.  Kristine Kidd and Williams-Sonoma have teamed up to bring you healthy recipes for people living the Gluten Free lifestyle. Kristine Kidd has written 5 cookbooks and continues to blog about cooking.

I met Kristine Kidd at a Food Bloggers event in Seattle a few years ago.  We had a long lovely conversation about Celiac Disease.  I shared my story with her and she shared her insights of her own Gluten sensitivity. She has since been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Bravo Kristine for another lovely cookbook – Weeknight Gluten Free – you can purchase at Williams-Sonoma or at Amazon.com.