Gluten Free Egg-Ham-wich

Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month

Gluten Free Foodies will Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month for 31 Days in May.

Be sure to check back daily to learn all sorts of things during this month.

My goodness, I can’t believe it has almost been 10 years since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  I can’t believe how much has changed since then.  I remember going into my neighborhood grocery store asking about Gluten Free products and was met with many blank faces.  There wasn’t a ton of information about Celiac Disease, let alone Gluten Free products that didn’t taste like cardboard packaging.  I remember eating a ton of brown rice cakes with peanut butter because it was the only “bread-like” thing that was safe.  Little did I know that I was reacting to peanuts as well. I ate a brown rice cake with peanut butter and sometimes jelly for lunch.   I would make a brown rice pudding with cinnamon and coconut milk to eat as breakfast or a dessert.  For dinner I would steam some vegetables and serve it with – you guessed it … brown rice.  Ugh!  Just thinking about all of that brown rice is making me ill!  I went from eating one thing all the time – wheat – to another – brown rice. My life didn’t get much better for a long, long time. I was so sick at the time and never realized how big a role food allergies and Celiac Disease were affecting my overall health.   It took many agonizing years to finally get all of the Gluten out of my body.


Thank goodness those days are over! We are so lucky that we have organizations such as the Gluten Intolerant GroupGIG Certification Program.  GIG’s team works very hard for all of us.  The GFCO program sets the standard for making sure that the products we enjoy are safe.  We know it when we see the symbol – the GF inside the circlesee the picture above and below on the Maninis Gluten Free label. 

GFCO symbol

The Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) program is the world leader in the Gluten Free industry that insures that the people who make Gluten Free products meet the standards for product integrity, quality and purity – all of which are the highest standards.

The Gluten Free Food Service (GFFS) accreditation program trains the people in the food services industry – how to safely serve Gluten Free meals, menu planning, kitchen preparation and serving in our restaurants.  The program includes all of the restaurant’s staff by training them in preventing cross-contamination practices.

Now that we have the CGFO symbol, it makes it easier to shop.  We have higher quality products that are created from families that have a first hand knowledge of Celiac Disease . The Collins family started  – Maninis Gluten Free –  because their family suffers with Celiac Disease.  They have created Organic Gluten Free Flour Mixes, with Non-GMO ancient grains,  that you can use to make your favorite recipes – cup for cup.  The flour mixes are made in a dedicated Gluten Free facility and are free of rice, corn, nuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, dairy and eggs. You can make Gluten Free breads, cakes, cookies, pizza crust, pie crust – the list goes on!  Maninis Gluten Free also makes fresh Gluten Free Pasta that is out of this world! Trust me when I say … you will not believe it is Gluten Free!  You can buy directly from Maninis or look on their site for store locations. If they are not in your favorite grocery store, yet – ask your store manager to order it! Maninis has distributors that can deliver to most locations across the US.

Go ahead, get in the kitchen and get your Gluten Free baking on!

Gluten Free Egg-Ham-wich

I call this my

Gluten Free Egg-Ham-wich!

Toast your favorite homemade Gluten Free Onion Roll.

Add a little Earth Balance non-dairy buttery spread.

Fry an egg in a ring and add a little sea salt, Aji Amarillo dried spice and black pepper.

Warm up a slice of Boar’s Head Black Forest GF Ham.

Add the ham to the bottom half of the roll, then the egg and the top!

If you can have cheese then go for it! I  highly recommend Beecher’s Flagship or Smoked Flagship cheese!

 I must say this is my favorite any time of the day or night sammy!