Autism Awareness With Building Blocks NW

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I recently sat down with Shealeen Stabelfeldt, M.Ed., BCBA – owner of Building Blocks NW who teaches children with Autism, ADHD, to learn how to manage their behavioral challenges.  Shealeen uses her skills as a Board Certified Applied Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), for children ages 3-17 with behavior challenges. After chatting with her during the interview and seeing her with her own children, I can see she is very passionate about helping as many children and families that she can.   Shealeen, her husband and two children, recently moved to Bainbridge Island, WA from Winthrop, Massachusetts.
Shealeen has 12 years experience as a special educator in Washington, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.  She saw a need for special education in her community and started Building Blocks NW to support families living in Kitsap County and surrounding communities in Washington state. In addition to starting her business she is also homeschooling her children; Maia 6.5 and Luke 4.

Shealeen Stabelfeldt with kids

I asked Shealeen about Autism Awareness Month and what is the one thing that she wants the public to know about Autsim. Shealeen said “How kids with Autism may have difficulties with social skills, behaviors & communication but that they have something special about them that they do or love that makes them so much fun to work with.”  She mentioned, “One child who knew everything about ships, another who was such a lover she would hug complete strangers, another who collected buttons, another who knew everything about presidents!  I learn so much from these kids and I love learning so I am a great audience for them.”

We wanted to wrap up our chat with some thoughts for parents to think about In regards to her services that Building Blocks NW can provide.
  • Do you drive to Silverdale or take the ferry to Seattle to get ABA services for your child with Autism?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to have someone come into your home and be able to watch and learn what a BCBA is doing so that you too can use ABA with your own child?
  • Do you want a collaborative team approach for your child?
  • Wouldn’t it make life easier having someone who lives on the island and already knows of most of the teachers, OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s, counselors, neurologists, etc who work with your child?
  • Would you like this someone who was a teacher for 12 years and could go into the school to observe and teach others how your child learns best?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of challenging behaviors so they can focus on learning?
  • Imagine how wonderful it would be to see your child play more effectively on the playground.
  • Do you want someone who can attend an IEP meeting with you or review an IEP to help you understand it better?
  • Are you considering private school?  Ever thought of getting a group of kids together and creating an ABA school just for them?
  • Are you homeschooling and would like some ABA added to your program a few hours a week?
For more information please contact, or
Shealeen via email to discuss any of the above ideas and ask how she can be of service to you.
Click on the link below to listen to my fun chat with Shealeen Stabelfeldt.

 Interview Shea Stabelfeldt pt 1

Next month we will talk about the increase in recommendations of the Gluten Free lifestyle for children with Autism, ADHD and Behavioral Challenges.