Pamela’s Products Buttery Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies

Pamela's Products GF Butter Shortbread
Perfect! Pamela’s Products have made me a fan once again. I love the Buttery Gluten Free  Shortbread cookies for tea time. I just tried them with my Earl Grey Tea and it was lovely … simply lovely! They are soft with a slightly sweet creamy flavor. I think that comes from the Almond meal. Pamela’s Products cookies are the best when you just have a cookie craving that can’t wait to be fresh baked! It is really nice to be able to pick up a box and take them to a dinner party or to bring with for a snack when I meet my friends for a coffee while sitting outside.  Hey, if a coffee shop isn’t going to have good Gluten Free options for us, I say bring your own!
I really love the Gluten Free Lemon Shortbread Cookies too! Another nice pairing with a Ginger tea!
Pamela's Products Lemon Shortbread cookies
You can find Pamela’s Products at most grocery stores including – Whole Foods Markets, PCC, Safeway, Town & Country Markets, Central Markets.  Check Pamela’s Products website for locations and new products.
Gotta go! It’s Tea and Shortbread Cookie time!

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