Maninis GF Fresh Pasta Kale Peppers

Maninis Gluten Free nominated for Best of 2013

Maninis Gluten Free nominated for Best of 2013 by Triumph Dining.  Maninis Gluten Free is based in Seattle, nominated for their Fresh GF Pastas Flour Mixes.

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I am so excited for Maninis Gluten Free – a local Seattle company that has been in business for two years, is nominated for THE BEST OF GLUTEN FREE NOMINATIONS 2013 by Triumph Dining!  Maninis Gluten Free has been nominated for their GF Fresh Pastas and GF Flour Mixes.  I love all of their products and voted for them!

Maninis GF Fresh Pasta Kale Peppers

I am such a fan of Maninis Gluten Free products because it is a local Seattle family.  A family that has created wonderfully delicious and nutritious products, developed ten years ago when they found out that their 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Maninis Gluten Free products were developed by a the parents – the mother a mathematician and the father a chemical engineer, of the 5 year old girl.  Over the years additional family members realized that they have sensitivities to Gluten as well.   It is a family run business with true heart behind everything they do.

Maninis is the only Gluten Free company that creates  FRESH GLUTEN FREE PASTA  in a dedicated GF facility, no rice, no beans, no dairy, no soy, no peanuts or tree nuts, no fish or shellfish. Made with ancient grains and uses fresh, local, 100% cage free eggs.

You can order their products online or check their website for retail locations.  Local chefs love Maninis Gluten Free products they are serving fresh pasta in their restaurants!

If you have not tried Maninis Gluten Free products, trust me when I say this …                       you will not believe that any of their products are Gluten Free when you taste it.  You will look like a rock star in the kitchen when you use Maninis Gluten Free products! 





Lasagna Sheets 

Maninis Fresh GF pasta pkg

Maninis GF 5 flour mixes

Maninis Gluten Free flour mixes are also nominated! I love all of the mixes and use every day to make Gluten Free pizza dough, bread, rolls, cakes, cookies, pies and more! 


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It would be really great to see this local

Seattle Family and Company win this award!

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