Mac doing Yoga - Downward dog before special GF bday breakfast

Gluten Free Dog Food – Gone To The Dogs!

Yup! My pup, Mac is officially Gluten Free!
I have discovered some wonderful Gluten Free dog foods at
one of my favorite places on Bainbridge Island, Bay Hay & Feed.
March 1 is Mac’s 9th Birthday, so I made him a special
Gluten Free Birthday breakfast using Wellness Simple Dog Food.
Mac my Yorkie eating his Gluten Free Birthday Breakfast


Mac’s Gluten Free Birthday Breakfast Tower –
Duck and Sweet Potato a top Organic Baby Carrots
Organic Baby Carrots
Wellness Duck and Sweet Potato Gluten Free Dog Food
You will need a stacking mold, a plate and a placemat, for this special occasion.
Place the mold on the plate and add a layer of the carrots on the bottom.
Add the dry dog food.
Place the plate on the placemat on the floor (this is only his special mat) and then carefully remove the mold while singing,
Happy Birthday to you ….
Mac shopping for his Gluten Free Wellness Dog Food
Let’s just say that Mac has a sophisticated palate and prefers only the finest ingredients.
He is a happier pup-dog living his Gluten Free and chicken and egg Free lifestyle.
It turns out that it was the chicken and eggs that made his allergy symptoms bad – itchy, upset stomach and messy eyes.
Sound familiar? The symptoms are so similar to our food allergies.
You can follow @Mac_a_doodlebug on Twitter to send him Birthday wishes! 
The ladies at Bay Hay & Feed told me about their new products – Wellness and Limited Grain and Mac has been so happy ever since.  He particularly loves the  –
Salmon with Sweet Potato
Duck with Sweet Potato
Yay! Gluten Free Dog Food
This is really great for me too because every time I feed him or gave him a treat I had to wash my hands really well because most dog foods and treats contain wheat, barley and oats.  I have also made the switch and ditched buying treats for him.
 When he is a “good boy”… always … I just give him a piece of his food!
It makes us both happy foodies!
Bay Hay and Feed Sign Bainbridge Island Buy Fresh Buy Local
Be sure to check out their “people feed” area from local farmers.
Fresh milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables.
You can also add a little Spring to your garden with new blooms and herbs.
Bay Hay and Feed Sign Bainbridge Island People Feed area
Bay Hay and Feed Sign Bainbridge Island Spring is in bloom with colorful flowers
Bay Hay & Feed is a lovely place to go, shop and get a little treat for everyone in your family –
including your dog and garden! You can also visit their coffee shop and sip on your coffee while you shop or sit on their deck and take in the beauty of the gardens.  Everyone at Bay Hay & Feed is so sweet and knowledgeable. It is such an island jewel!