Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich

Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich


Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning listening to Pink Martini while lingering over the newspaper online and sipping coffee.  All that excitement sure does get my appetite going.
Thank goodness I bought some Gluten Free Spanish Rolls
from my new favorite dedicated Gluten Free bakery in the Pike Place Market
Coffee and Specialty BakeryTonyia makes the best Gluten Free Spanish Rolls
soft lovely air pockets full of Manchego cheese, peppers, paprika and thyme!
I know exactly what I am going to make – Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich
Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich
You will need 1 egg and a Spanish roll per sandwich.
I use olive oil for the pan and the egg ring.
Butter or Earth Balance non-dairy, non-soy buttery spread for the rolls.
at least one non stick egg ring
silicone spatula
small sharp knife with a point
small plate to the side
heat safe gloves
Cut the rolls in half and smear the buttery spread on both pieces.
Heat a non stick pan and drizzle approximately 2 Tbs of olive oil on the pan.
Use your fingers to spread some olive oil on the inside and bottom
of the ring even if the ring is non-stick.
Place the ring in the pan and let them both heat for 1-2 minutes.
Crack an egg into the ring.
Add a pinch of smoked sea salt and the dried aji peppers.
Be sure to wash your hands after using the peppers.
Now here is where you have to make a decision …
ooey gooey sandwich aka yolk not broken
not gooey.
If not gooey, use a pointy knife to cut through the yolk.
Let the egg cook for 1 minute.
When you see the egg cook or turning white and rise to the top of the ring,
slide a silicone spatula under the egg and ring.
Hold the handle of the ring with a heat safe glove and place
 all of it on the dish to the side.
Use the knife
 to loosen the egg from the ring.
Remove the ring while keeping the egg on the spatula.
Gently turn the egg over while placing the egg back into the pan to cook the other side.
Place the rolls buttery side down, onto the pan to heat up while the egg continues to cook 1-2 minutes.
Remove the bottom of the roll, place it on a plate, add the egg onto the roll and then the top.
Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich
My new favorite! Gluten Free Spanish Huevo Breakfast Sandwich
If you have Spanish Chorizo and want to make this a heartier sandwich by all means go for it!
Happy Three Kings Day! 

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