Merry Christmas 2012

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I wanted to take this time to reflect on the many gifts that I receive throughout the year.
The gift that shines the most for me is the opportunity to connect with you in person or online.
I am thankful and grateful for the people that come into my life regardless if it is for a brief moment,      a day, a few weeks or years. I love nothing more than celebrating and talking about the essence of what connects us – GLUTEN FREE FOOD.
I love creating healthy Gluten Free food that nourishes us and brings us all to the table.
 It brings me such joy when I create something that brings a smile on your face.
I love making Gluten Free food that exceeds my expectations.
 I get so excited when I see your feedback and comments about what you are doing in your kitchens.
It bonds us regardless of the miles that separate us.
I honor what we all bring to the table –
 our traditions, flavors, recipes and warmth to every day meals or special occasions.
One of my favorite traditions at the dinner table is lighting candles.
Whenever I light a candle I always think of someone special.
My candles are lit for us today to honor our connection and making life more robust.
My candles are also lit today to give thanks.
 I am thankful for the motivation that you give me to seek the knowledge about
Celiac Disease and better ways to create food that is healthier for us.
I embrace learning about new foods and lifestyles from around the world.
My hope is to continue my journey to share all that I learn in many new and exciting ways.
May this holiday seasons bring you the sweet and savory bites that you crave.
My greatest wish for you is that you have the joy in your heart that you desire.
I celebrate peace, love, and all of us from around the world this holiday season.
God jul
Bon Nadal 
Feliz Natal
Buon Natale 
Sretan Božić
 Joyeux Noël
 Nollaig Shona 
Veselé Vánoce
¡Feliz Navidad!
Nadolig Llawen 
Feliĉa Kristnasko
Maligayang Pasko 
Geseënde Kersfees 
Frohe Weihnachten
Gelukkig kerstfeest 
Καλά Χριστούγεννα
Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ:
Merry Christmas

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