Gluten Free Blueberry and Preserved Lemon Syrup Waffles


 Nothing beats a lazy morning hanging out with your family and friends drinking
 unlimited cups of hot coffee and enjoying
 Gluten Free Blueberry and Preserved Lemon Syrup Waffles
Come close and I will share my secret with you …
One of my absolute favorite things  – Morris Kitchen – Preserved Lemon Syrup.
They make a variety of syrups that I absolutely love love love.
I must admit, I have only tried the Preserved Lemon and the *Ginger.
I’m really excited to try the *Spiced Apple soon!
I am hooked!
I find myself thinking of all sorts of ways that I can use this amazing syrup.
So today this was the perfect secret answer in place of sugar.
*Please note any of these syrups would be wonderful with this recipe.
I found the syrups via Kaufmann- Mercantile, an online store that has it all!
If you are one of those people with a strong desire for well designed
 products for yourself, your home or kitchen then you must check them out.
If they sound familiar, they made my 
So you want the recipe? 
Here we go …
Oh by the way, I made it dairy free and trust me you don’t miss it. 
If you can have dairy by all means, go for it – add butter instead! 
Gluten Free Blueberry and Preserved Lemon Syrup Waffles
Wet Ingredients
2 large eggs
3 Tbs melted non-dairy, non-soy buttery spread – Earth Balance – melted & cooled
1 tsp GF vanilla
1 Tbs maple syrup
2 Tbs Morris-Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup + more for on top!
1 3/4 cup Coconut Milk – SoDelicious, unsweetened – room temperature
1 cup frozen blueberries – set aside and allow to come to room temp
approximately 2-3 Tbs for the waffle iron Organic Coconut Spread – Earth Balance
Dry Ingredients
2 pinches of sea salt
1 1/2 tsp GF baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
In a medium bowl, add the eggs, vanilla, maple syrup, lemon syrup.
Slowly add the Trovato flour a large spoonful at a time.  Mix well with a large silicone flat spoon.
Add some of the coconut milk and then more of the flour, until both are completely added.
Add the cinnamon, baking powder and sea salt and mix well.
Please note that there may be some lumps and that is ok.
Let the batter sit and meld for 10 minutes while you heat up your waffle iron.
I like to place my waffle iron on a heat safe board.
Add some of the Organic Coconut Spread to the bottom of the waffle iron
and close it while it is heating.
Set the heat to medium.
Once the 10 minutes has passed, gently incorporate the blueberries by folding them into the batter.
Use a medium scoop to place the batter onto the waffle iron.
Cook according to your waffle iron settings.
This recipe makes 6 large round waffles.
Serve with non-dairy buttery spread and Preserved Lemon Syrup 
and/or Maple Syrup for a lovely combination!
If you want to make extra to freeze, cook the waffles just under so that when you put them in the toaster they will be perfectly toasty.  Make sure the waffles are completely cooled on a rack to prevent moisture build up, aka ice crystals. I put the waffles in a large freezer bag. I use a sharpie to mark GF DF Blueberry Preserved Lemon Syrup and date I made them on the outside of the bag.  I have a defrost setting on my toaster, I use defrost setting once. Then I set it to medium to toast the waffles! If you do not have a defrost setting, take the waffles out of the freezer bag and place on a rack for 3-5 minutes while you make your coffee or tea.
** I used the GF Maninis MULTIUSO flour.  It is a great mix when you need to make recipes that are light and fluffy. I love love love Maninis Gluten Free Products and am thankful for them sharing their products with me! 

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