Gingery Sweet Potato Yum!


Gingery Sweet Potato Yum! 
my new love…
I love nothing more than a warm breakfast on a cold morning.  Sometimes I just want something different than eggs. Usually what comes to mind is GF oatmeal but I am one of those that unfortunately can not eat oats even certified Gluten Free oats.
So I decided to give my morning sweet potato an extra sweet and savory kick!
I love love love Morris Kitchen – Ginger Syrup 
Gingery Sweet Potato Yum!
This mornings treat is so easy to make.
I pre-heated my oven to 400 degrees.
I washed my Organic Sweet Potato and cut 3-4 slits in it
approximately 1 inch wide, to allow for the steam to release.
I drizzled a little olive oil the bottom of the pot, put the sweet potato in my
and added a little more olive oil on top of the sweet potato.
The olive oil helps the sweet potato stay moist and not burn.
I let it cook in the oven with the lid on
for 45-50 minutes for my medium size sweet potato.
Please adjust time for the size of your sweet potato.
This was the perfect amount of time to go to my mat and do some gentle yoga.
Carefully remove the Dutch Oven and remove the lid.
There will be steam so please be careful.
The sweet potato is done when the skin easily slides off with the push of an edge of a spoon.
Slide the skin down and use a large spoon or a spring spoon to scoop out the sweet potato.
Use your favorite bowl.
This is yummy, comforting bowl food to hold in your hands!
Scoop out approximately 2 tsp and allow it to melt.
Top with your favorite nuts – I love cashews and almonds.
Now here is the best part,
bring your all of your senses together as you do this ….
Notice the beautiful bright orange color of the sweet potato,
 and the textures of the nuts with the tender potato as the buttery spread melts.
Put your hand around the bowl and feel the warmth as you
 drizzle a little of the Ginger Syrup on top.
Take a deep breath and inhale the aroma of all of the flavors collide!
Grab a spoon and dive in! 
Just a little drizzle of the Ginger Syrup goes a long way.
So much flavor and not to sweet, perfectly complimenting the salty nuts.
I haven’t tried the Spiced Apple but I am sure I would love it
as I do with  Ginger and  Preserved Lemon.
I hope you love this lovely little bowl of 
Gingery Sweet Potato Yum as I do!
It is so easy to make and warms you up.  
This is not only Gluten Free but Vegan too!

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