Gluten Free Foodies Must Have Holiday Gifts 2012


I have had so much fun thinking about my selections for my
Gluten Free Foodies Must Have Holiday Gifts 2012! 
I know we all say this every year but how can 365 days go by so quickly?
What I can tell you is that I think I have found some real gems this year.  I am so excited to share them with you.  My hope is that this post will make your finding the right gift easier.
As for your gift recipient – well let’s just say you will probably score major points!
The gift recipient will be so happy by your choice of celebrating the the joy of food.
Whether it is in a jar, book, box – no matter how you bake it, slice it or “not” fry it –
any of these gifts are sure to produce happy faces and tummies!
Let’s get started …

I found Kaufmann Mercantile, an online store that celebrates the finer details of craftsmanship and well designed goods for the everyday living. I especially love the home, kitchen and grocery selections that are filled with old school finds with an modern update that make me want to use everything because it is so cool! The hand forged fry pans are just beautiful I can only dream of the dishes that would make in them! I would hang mine on my wall because I love to look at it too! The Black Walnut cutting board and the Reclaimed Oak Sandwich board are on my wish list too!

Kaufmann Mercantile –  A few of my favorites from their grocery section.
Sorghum Syrup made in Monterey, Tennessee
Great for baking, on top of pancakes and waffles, a little in your tea!
The flavor is very similar to molasses but Sorghum Syrup is sweeter and lighter.
Great sweetener to replace sugar! Look for my recipes soon using this Sorghum Syrup!
I really love Morris Kitchen products!
The side of the bottle gives simple recipes for spritzers, teas and cocktails using their syrups.
I use their syrups in my recipes to add a little burst of sweetness to top off or finish the dessert.
Look for my recipes soon.
I have always wanted to learn more about Ayurveda and now I can.
I absolutely love this book by Amrita Sondhi -The Tastes of Ayurveda.
I have wanted to have a better understanding of Ayurveda for years.
Every time I try to learn about it I get really mixed up because it seems complicated.
Luckily I have found the ultimate solution!
I am so happy to tell you that this modern book – The Tastes of Ayurveda is an easy and clearly laid out book with tons of information.  Amrita will guide you through finding your doshas – your body constitutions – with a simple test.  The book guides you through the seasons to find the best recipes for balancing your dosha.  There is also a section to show you how start your pantry, spice cabinet and a guide for balancing your dosha with Yoga.
Look for more posts when I review this book in more detail,  
make her recipes and more about my conversation with Amrita. 
Not only was this book a gift but just having the opportunity 
to meet Amrita made my gift even more special!  
She is an amazing woman.  
Chocolopolis – Seattle, WA
I recently meet the owner, Lauren Adler,
such a wonderful lady that really knows all about
finding the best chocolate from around the world.
Thank goodness Lauren’s passion for good quality chocolate
is something we can all benefit from and enjoy!

I think Chocolate is the perfect gift for every occasion so my
favorites that I highly recommend  –

The next 2 suggestions are wonderful by themselves but if you are wanting to be very generous it really makes sense to give both of them.  The Smart Slice makes the perfectly, carefully sliced potatoes and vegetables that you will want to cook in your T-Fal Acti-fry.
What is the Smart Slice Mandoline? 
It is an all-in-one mandoline tool that allows you to 
julienne, slice, grate and shred your vegetables, fruit and cheese.
It is so easy to use and clean and I feel safer using it! 
I love it and make excuses to find ways to use in for every meal.
Kent, WA company
I mentioned in an earlier post this year about how smitten I am with this newest appliance from T-Fal.
It is the perfect way to cook all of your favorite veggies so that they get crispy but not greasy –
makes the best french fries with your favorite potatoes russet, new, Irish or Sweet.  I have tried them all and love them all. Brussels sprouts, kale, green beans and even peas and carrots!
It makes a delicious side dish, meal or treat in just a matter of minutes.  For most of the recipes I make the cooking time is between 15-30 minutes.  It is really great because you can cook the rest of your meal and the T-Fal Acti-fry with its pulsating heating system and circulating paddle that moves the food around so it cooks evenly and no watching – there’s a timer.  I know you will love this as much as I do!
I purchased this when I decided to buy my CSA this year.  I wanted to make sure that my produce was being stored safely in the freshest way possible.  I absolutely love this so much I want more to store all my produce.  I find that since my produce is lasting longer it makes it easier to eat more local fresh  produce.
Speaking of CSA – Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to help support your local farmer and to buy into shares of the crop for the season.  Most farms have various sizes and seasons when they sell their CSAs.  Contact your favorite farmer today ask them if they sell gift certificates that can be used towards the CSA or when they are at the Farmers Market.
Speaking of healthier eating … Real Snacks!
For those of you who are crying over Hostess Brands recent closing, I suggest buying
Real Snacks by Lara Ferroniall recipes include Vegan and Gluten Free recipes of your favorite childhood treats including mine … Ding Dongs!
I can’t even remember the last time I had one
because I had to break up with them many, many moons ago
when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
These treats really are new and improved!
Although Lara has new names for her recipes and
her ingredients are much better than the aforementioned.
I suggest you dig deep into this book
and you will find all of your favorites and more.
Vanilla Snack Cakes
Chocolate Snack Cakes
Chocolate Mint W
Moon Pies
Toaster Tarts
Unfortunately, I have to take my book back to the library but maybe Santa will see this and get the great big nudge in the ribs that I am giving him right now.  I really love this book! So fun! Bravo Lara!
How can I end my list without sharing some very exciting news for those of you who love real Sour Dough Rolls or real Italian Bread with a soft chewy inside and a crunch on the outside?
Let me just tell you Luce’s Gluten Free Artisan Bread –  is the easiest, best tasting bread that you make at home by just adding water! 
The breads mixes are – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free and Soy Free.
No kneading or rising! 
It is the absolute best tasting bread mix I have ever baked and eaten.
Made in Berkley Heights, NJ and manufactured in a dedicated Gluten Free facility.

 I originally hoped that all of my selections would be MADE IN THE USA.  Most of them are but the overall message that is a must with all of my choices is that they are individuals, entrepreneurs, small local companies that are trying to make a difference in this world by offering the best quality products that they find or create.  I am so thrilled that I found them and excited to share this information with you. 

Happiest of Holiday Shopping Season to you! Thank you for reading along and supporting our small, local businesses!


My disclosure statement for the products that I received. If I did not mention them here than I paid for the above items.  I received the Sorghum, Ginger and Lemon Syrups from Kaufaman Mercantile as a gift.  I also received The Taste of Ayurveda as a gift from the publisher. I also received a sample of Luce’s GF Artisan Bread Mixes.  In no way did these gifts influence my selections, nor was I compensated. I chose these gifts for my list. 


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