“Gotta Have It” from New Day Northwest’s Favorite Chefs!

New Day Northwest TV Logo
So Christmas arrived early for me the other day!
My mother had a chance to go to the taping of
the awesome morning show on King 5 TV – 11 AM weekdays.
This was a great day to go because
it was
Gotta Have Picks from New Day Northwest’s Favorite Chefs
I must admit, great minds think alike because I
love love love everything on the list!
I met Hak’s BBQ Sauce Chef Sharone Hakman last year!
Great guy and love love love this Chipotle Bourbon Sauce!
Awesome sauce and a great gift anytime!
Hak's Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Lekue Citrus Spritzer
I can’t wait to try this!
Perfect excuse to make sure I have citrus in my kitchen
all the time because this is so fun to use!
Just in time for the holiday cooking season!
Can I just tell you …
I have so much Organic Garlic just waiting to be peeled! 
Love it!
Oh!… my love for OXO  is beyond obsession! 
My dream kitchen would have every product from OXO.
Using OXO products makes 
it so easy and fun to do the tedious tasks in the kitchen like 
peeling garlic, cutting onions and skimming fat from the Turkey really cool!
I think the thing I love most about this 
is that it says GLUTEN FREE! 
and I can enjoy the taste of Etta’s Salmon at home with friends and family!
I love this Butter Bell! 
It is so nice to have chilled butter sitting on the counter that is soft and ready to spread 
on warm Gluten Free Bread fresh from the oven …
This Fidalgo Bay Coffee Yuletide Roast 
The name alone just makes me want to cozy up to the fireplace, put my feet up and relax! 
Peruvian beans roasted in small batches – love love love! 
Bravo to everyone at
New Day Northwest – Margaret Larson, Suzie and the team for another great year!
Thanks mom for all the “early Christmas gifts”! 

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