Veggie Grill Fresh, Fast and Very Flavorful!

I am so impressed with Seattle’s newest …
dare I say it …
fast food casual restaurant!
Veggie Grill is 
fresh …
beautifully colorful, 
I am very happy to say that Veggie Grill  has
planted some roots in Washington!
Veggie Grill has had such great success on the West Coast and
 it looks like it will continue to grow because they were recently voted
 “Best American Restaurant” in the LA Times 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards!
Veggie Grill puts a fresh and fabulous spin on familiar comfort foods.
The menu offers a full range of soups, salads, burgers, hot sandwiches, home-style plates,
 desserts and organic teas, all made fresh to order.
They are very accommodating and knowledgeable about food allergies.
Their menu items decipher which meals or sides are Gluten Free.
 If you have additional food allergies such as Soy Free or Nut Free, they have a special menu at the register to help you know for sure which items are without your specific food allergies on their menu.
I can also tell you from experience, that everyone at Veggie Grill is absolutely wonderful!
The minute you walk in the door 
you are greeted by a warm, beautifully smiling face! 
It is wonderful! 
You can even talk to one of the staff about your special dietary needs and they will do their very best to assist you in finding something beautifully delicious and satisfying! 

I really like the idea of being able to go in to a casual restaurant
and feel confident that I can order some healthy food for me.
On my first visit, I was lucky enough to enjoy the –
Thai Chickin’ Salad without their Chickin’ (contains soy) and wontons (contains wheat)
This salad is chopped to perfection, the dressing was lightly tart and sweet – I love love love this salad!
Bean Me Up Chili
Perfect warm you up chili that just hits the spot!
“Sweetheart Fries” Sweet Potato Fries without seasoning (contains wheat) 
Always a great treat to get crispy fries that are made in a dedicated Gluten Free fryer!
Great affordable prices too, entrees and sides all under $10.
Veggie Grill‘s headquarters is based in Santa Monica, California and
is committed to redefining classic American made with 100% plants and
without animal fat, dairy, trans fat, cholesterol and high fructose corn syrup
Veggie Grill has eight locations in southern CA, Beaverton and
Portland, Oregon and
now 2 in the Seattle area including
South Lake Union and 
University Village – (Located in the old Barnes & Noble building, facing Apple Store.)
I love the bright colors and the modern decor as you walk in the front door.
They have outdoor seating at the U Village location with heaters and covered seating.
The menus are on the walls so you can decide what you would like as you approach the order station.
I love the combination of wood, slick reflective walls and lights!
Great seating options for large groups, small tables and booths.
The kitchen is partially opened so you can see your order being created as they get it!
I love the very well designed lighting throughout the restaurant that adds great attention to detail.
A self service station to get your utensils, ketchup, hot sauce and drinks including Organic teas.
They even have to-go-boxes ready for you to take your left-overs home if you have any.
I love that you can just take care of your self and yet their
staff is wonderful at assisting you with anything you need.
Look for Veggie Grill on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with events, specials and new locations.
I can’t wait to go back and try more delicious GF and Vegan foods for me, 
 from Veggie Grill! I can’t wait for you to enjoy it too! 

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