INTRIGUE CHOCOLATE CO. – Make A KickStarter Pledge Today!

Have you ever taken a bite of something so decadent that you just melt.
I am talking about making you speechless and 
literally making your senses come together in perfect harmony!
Intrigue Chocolate Co. and their Jamaican Hot Truffle Bar did it to me! 
I recently melted over my new love from 
a lovely, Seattle company, in Pioneer Square that started in 2006.
My favorite …
Truffle Bars, so beautifully shaped in a rectangular bar, packaged in silver, soft decadent
and just a bit bigger than a traditional truffle ball.  
Ok, it is equal to 8 Truffles but really … who is counting?!

You can slice it any way you like it!
The decadent Truffle Bar flavors –
 Jamaican Hot 
Fortunato #4 
Zoka Moka Latte

Intrigue Chocolate Co. makes traditional Seasonal Truffles 
and Hot Cocoas as well.
Intrigue Chocolate Co. is the creation of Aaron BarthelChocolatier.
Aaron started his chocolate truffle passion as a hobby 
that he finessed while working with friends at a catering business. 
The requests for his chocolates grew so much that 
 he decide to venture out on his own to start his company.
I asked Aaron about my absolute favorite and he says that,
“Jamaican Hot was his first experiment 12 years ago, 
it’s what got me hooked on this exploration of flavors.”

Aaron also says that “for most of their chocolate they use 
70% Belgian chocolate (blended origins) 
that suits our very specific requirements.” 

All of their chocolates are handmade –
which brings us to their special, newly designed packaging. 
Since they are a small company, they need support to pay for the
 cost of the production of the new packaging. 
They decided to create a KickStarter project.
One design allows for the truffles to get just enough air, without crushing them.
The Truffle Bars have a new label that identifies their intriguing flavor!  
Intrigue Chocolate Co. needs your support today with 
19 days left for their KickStarter project. 

By Sunday, October 28, 2012 – 10 PM EDT
they need to reach their goal of $10,000.

As of right now they have $8,480 
and are so close to making this 
all wrap up nicely with your support!

Pledges range from $5 to $1,000 or more.
Every pledge helps so please share this with your friends.

Just imagine how great you will feel every time 
you see someone enjoying 
a beautifully wrapped
Intrigue Chocolate Co. 
Support your favorite local chocolate business today! 

To see the video and learn more about their new packaging please click on the link below …
As Aaron says, the flavor list is his pride and joy. 
He loves to experiment with new flavors.
Click on this link – Intrigue Chocolate Co. –  to go to their website to learn more 
Truffle of the month club!
chocolates are 
the perfect present to yourself 
as a hostess gift for a dinner party!


*Update as of 10/282012 They are just 6 hours away from the final ring of the bell to complete their KickStarter project! I am happy to say they have met their goal of $10,000 and have almost doubled it.
As of right now they have $19,025 just shy of actually doubling the goal!

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