Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce – Muy Caliente!

Lisa's Hatch Pepper Sauce
There is something about the nip in the air and the leaves changing hues that makes me want my Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce!
I discovered my love of all peppers, especially Hatch Peppers growing up in Texas.
I love Hatch Peppers because the flavor isn’t just about being hot,
it has a subtle floral flavor and earthy green notes, terroir!
Hatch Chile Peppers are grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico
along the Rio Grande River.
The peppers can range from mild to spicier more like a jalapeños.
Since they are grown in the southwest it can sometimes be hard to
purchase the much sought after  – Hatch Pepper.
Thank goodness for Whole Foods Markets!
The Whole Foods Market stores in the Pacific Northwest are having a Hatch Pepper Sale.
 I went in the other day just to buy some Hatch Peppers.
Lucky for me they had Roasted Hatch Peppers.
Let’s just say I have been in Happy Hatch Pepper Heaven since I brought them home!
choppin' roasted hatch peppers


I tend to like the spicier side to life! 
Roasted Hatch Pepper Sauce 
1 1/2 cups Roasted Hatch Peppers
1 medium purple onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves
1/4 cup Spanish Olive Oil – plus more for desired consistency
1 Tbs. lemon or lime juice
Carefully, cut the stems off of the Hatch Pepper.
TIP – the spice from the pepper comes from the seeds so use the seeds.
Use little to no seeds for mild sauce and more seeds for hotter.
The lemon or lime juice and sea salt not only enhance the flavor of the pepper
but also act as a natural preservative.
Put all of the ingredients into the food processor.
Chop to desired consistency.
I like to keep it at a paste texture and then I add a little more olive oil if I want it thinner.
For eggs, tacos and dips I like to keep it thick.
Please note as with everything the melding time is key!
More time = more flavor and sometimes hotter.
eggs with ham n hatch pepper sauce
When you roast the Hatch Pepper, I think the smoky flavor enhances the floral and green notes.
If you can’t find the roasted peppers it is easy to roast them yourself on a grill.  Be sure to turn them over to get all sides.  Keep the black skin for the smoky flavor.
As I mentioned this think of this as a very versatile condiment.
Add the Hatch Pepper Paste or Sauce to
sour cream to make a dip with corn chips.
Add a little mayo for a sandwich or burger spread!

Perfect pairing mixed in with guacamole!

Or just use it as is for
every meal with – eggs, beans, meat and tacos!If you make a double batch and you are not sure you can eat it all,
put it in a freezer bag and freeze it!



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