Smitten With My T-Fal ActiFry

I love it when I get a new, well designed kitchen gadget or appliance! 
When I received this as a birthday gift this year I couldn’t wait to get it open and start using it!
Let me just say that the
is on 
my favorites list.

Before I even get started to tell you how much fun I have had 
with my T-Fal,  
 do yourself a favor and put it on your holiday wish list now.  
It is definitely going to be the hot gift item of 2012!
The timing was perfect when I got this because 
my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 
weekly supply started at the same time.  
You can see that I have used all sorts of vegetables to cook 
with minimal oil – 
I use olive oil and usually less than the 
recommend tablespoon, to make perfectly cooked food.
Yellow Wax Beans
Romano Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes 
and so much more!

The T-Fal ActiFry cooks your favorite veggies in approximately 
10-20 minutes using a 
pulsating heating system 
and stirring paddle.  
The food continuously moves so that all you have to do is 
add the food, turn it on, set the timer and wait for it to be done. 
The stirring paddle is great because it makes sure that 
all of the food is evenly coated. 
You use so little oil that everything still has a good texture and flavor.  
Add your favorite fresh or dried seasonings.
I love using fresh garlic, onions, sea salt and black pepper.
It is so easy!
I clean my vegetables and pat dry them in a clean kitchen towel.
I like cut it into uniform pieces to make sure everything cooks evenly. 
This is also a great way to start a recipe and help you multitask in the kitchen.
It is a big help for me to get all parts of the meal ready at the same time.
I dry roasted some peppers last night to make salsa! 
It turned out great! 

Cooking with the T-Fal helped turn me onto some new favorite vegetables too.
I think the Romano Beans are my absolute favorite with Spring Onions!
The Yellow Wax Beans look like French Fries so it is a great way to …
fool the best Fry connoisseurs out there!
There is a removable paddle and coated pan for easy clean up.  
Both are dishwasher safe.  

Snack time or anytime! 
You don’t have to miss French Fries anymore!
Use fresh or frozen potatoes to make your favorites.
Just think … now you can make 
healthier French Fries at home.
My friends and family find any excuse to come to my house lately …
hmmm …
I wonder why?!?!
I love making Aji Spiced Sweet Potato Fries 
Garlic Rosemary Yukon Gold Fries!
TIP – If you use frozen fries – no oil is needed!
I have to say that this has been so much fun cooking with it over the summer.
 I didn’t have to heat up the house to use the oven.
No heavy lifting!
Easy Clean Up!
I love love love my T-Fal! 


P.S.  I did not get paid to say the statements above. They are my own opinion that I share with you to make your life a little simpler and tastier! For more information on where to buy … aka … put on your wish list – click T-Fal ActiFry website.

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