Gluten Free Pizza and Burgers at Pyramid Alehouse!!!

A really good friend was in town last weekend. We are big baseball fans so of course we had to go to the Mariner’s game.  We decided to stop into Pyramid for a bite and a brew.
I used to go to Pyramid Brewery when it first opened, pre-GF days and always had such a great time and really good food!
 So of course I thought this is the best place to go to before the game …

91 South Royal Brougham Way
Seattle, WA
Pyramid was lively and packed with the best Mariner fans.
Luckily we found some seats in the bar so my friend could have a front view screens. 
The servers were awesome because when we were ordering I let the server know I was Gluten Free.
The server said …
“Did you know we have Gluten Free pizza crust and burger buns from Wheatless in Seattle?!”
I had no idea! 
What a lovely surprise! 
We ordered a 
Gluten Free Magherita Pizza
It was a cornmeal style crust, brushed with olive oil, 
topped with marinated tomatoes, 
roasted garlic, 
fresh basil,  
fontina and parmesan cheese! 

It was …
 Pyramid does not make Gluten Free beer but they do offer other beverages. 
Be sure to talk to your server about the GF menu options.
A big shout out 
Thank you to the servers at Pyramid Brewery 
for taking such good care of us!
Go Mariners! 

Yay! Pyramid! 


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