Iced Mint Green Tea

Looking for something tall, cool and tingly to refresh your kisser?

Might I suggest my favorite…
Iced Mint Green Tea

Brew 1 pot of freshly filtered water.
 1bag Pure Mint Tea
1 bag Pure Green Tea
Let steep for 15 minutes.
I like to brew mine a little longer because 
when I add the ice it tends to dilute it just a tad.
Add ice to your favorite glass.  
I like to use my 12 oz. quilted canning jar by Ball with the new 
The combination of the quilted grip of the jar and the lid that keeps those pesky flies out makes for the most pleasurable iced tea experience on a warm summer day.
I love my iced tea in a glass so if I am planning an outing – a picnic or going to a concert on the beach I just put the canning jar lids on and tightly seal the jar.  When I get to my event I unscrew the top, insert my fancy new Straw-Tek lid and insert a fun, favorite straw!
No waste and it stays cool!
I can’t say hot summer day this year in the Pacific Northwest because so far …
as of today
we have had 
50 minutes of 80 degree weather this Summer of 2012!
Oh well … drinking iced tea makes it feel like summer… right?
I like to use a combination of safe Gluten Free tea bags or looseleaf tea to make my tea.
Not all tea bags are Gluten Free!
Some safe GF brands – 

Smith Tea
FYI – some tea bags are sealed with a wheat paste to make the tea stay in the bag during the brewing process.  Please be sure to read the label of the product or contact the manufacturer to make sure there haven’t been any changes.
Happy Iced Mint Green Tea sipping!


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