Ask About Everything When Dining Out! IHOP Adds Pancake Batter In Omelets NOT GF

I cringe just thinking about this …
A family traveling with at least 2 people that have Celiac Disease.  They walk into an IHOP and order an omelet not realizing that they add pancake batter to it.  The vacation is ruined for those two family members with Celiac Disease.  I worry about this because when you are busy and traveling sometimes it is so easy to miss a step or two when ordering if the restaurant is busy and everyone is hungry.  

I just saw this commercial this morning, not sure how long it has been running but I don’t watch a ton of TV.  I thought I would share it with you.

If you can not see this video please click on this YouTube-link for IHOP Pancake Batter in Omelets

Just a friendly reminder to ask … Is this Gluten Free?

Happy Gluten Free dining and travels this summer.  It is best to call ahead if you are dining out to see if the restaurant has a Gluten Free menu.  The front desk at your hotel is also a good source of local information too.

Too good health … Salud! 


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