Gluten Free Almond, Hazelnut, Chocolate Cakes! Happy Birthday to me!

So moist and light! 
The perfect amount of sweetness and so flavorful!
I was inspired by a recipe from 
Caludia Roden’s book “The Food of Spain”.
The original recipe was passed on to her from a traditional Spanish family that she met while writing her book. It was a favorite for all sorts of celebrations!

I love love love the little changes that I made. 
A little cinnamon and instant espresso to enhance the chocolate.
The cinnamon is always a good idea when I am using nuts and any sugar 
because it helps to balance the effect out and keep your blood sugar from spiking.
Please note that the original recipe calls for refined white sugar.  
I prefer to use light brown sugar in this recipe for better flavor and less processed.
I also love to mix Almond and Hazelnut flour in baking because 
the flavors compliment each others so well. 
The Hazelnuts are packed full of protein, fiber and 
make eating cake a little less guilty. 
1/2 cup dark chocolate
1  1/3 sticks of butter, cubed
3 Tbs water, room temp
1/4 tsp instant espresso
3/4 cup GF Almond flour
1/4 cup GF Hazelnut flour
1/2 cup light brown sugar, no clumps!
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp GF baking powder
1/4 cup Bacardi Select – good quality rum

4 eggs, separated

1/2 cup good quality dark chocolate – Callebaut Bittersweet
2 Tbs butter
1-2 Tbs dark rum, optional 


Pre heat the oven to 325 degrees.
Melt the chocolate, water and butter in a double boiler.   
Stir and when it is melted, take it off the heat.
Set aside to cool.
Use a whisk to break up any clumps and incorporate the Almond and Hazelnut flour, 
cinnamon, baking powder, 
in a medium mixing bowl.
Add the rum and cooled chocolate mixture.
Mix well.
Add the egg yolks.
Mix well.
Use a hand mixer to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks in a medium mixing bowl.
Fold in the egg whites to the chocolate cake batter.
Once all of the ingredients are incorporated, pour into lined cupcake tins 
or a round cake pan lined with parchment paper.
Bake the cupcakes approximately 25-30 minutes.
Bake the cake for 40-50 minutes.
This cake also bakes well in ramekins.
Please note that they will deflate slightly when cooled but 
the chocolate will help make it all pretty!
Melt approximately 1/2 – 3/4 cup of good quality dark chocolate
with 2 Tbs of butter in a double boiler.  
Add 1-2 Tbs of rum, optional
 Stir while melting. 
Add to the top of the little cakes or the big cake.
Serve with your favorite beverage and enjoy with your family and friends!

I had a wonderful Birthday! Thank you for all of the kind words and wishes.



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