I have been biting my tongue since this news came out last week.  I was so upset when I saw so many people excited about the fact that Domino’s Pizza had decided to “jump into the Gluten Free pizza game” in all of their locations.  They even admit that the ingredients are Gluten Free and that they do not have practices in place in to avoid cross contamination.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought this was crazy!

So why bother calling it Gluten Free?!?!?!

I just can’t sit quietly anymore!

Just because Dominos offers Gluten Free Pizza doesn’t mean that it actually is Gluten Free and safe for anyone with Celiac Disease to eat.

On May 7, 2010 – CBS News report by Ryan Jaslow  – Domino’s new gluten-free pizza crust not recommended for people with celiac disease.  This report was only part of the tidal wave of reports announcing the news all over the internet and social media sites.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and just watched this play out in front of me.

The fact that NFCA has given this company and product an “Amber Designation” or approval is ridiculous!  
It either is a healthy, safe product to eat that is Gluten Free or it is not.
There is not a grey area here! It is very black and white for people with Celiac Disease.

It is Gluten Free in a safe kitchen that practices avoiding cross contamination 
or it is not Gluten Free.

Avoiding cross contamination is an absolute necessity for every kitchen
that is selling Gluten Free food to the public.

I support GIG and their efforts for their safe practices and standards for their programs – 
Certified Gluten Free for products
Chef to Plate International Awareness campaign for restaurants.

This is the Gluten Intolerance Group’s response on their Facebook page about this issue. 

“GIG has been asked to take an official position on the recent Domino’s announcement about their gluten free pizza. Our position follows: GIG welcomes restaurants and food services who are committed to producing safe gluten free meal options for their guests. GIG knows that care must be taken to evaluate the food service’s ability to do so in a safe environment and that this should not be undertaken with the idea that a gluten-free food is safe for some people but not others. Food services should approach gluten free meal options the same way they handle allergens. There is only one option – food that is safe for all persons living gluten free, no matter why they are living gluten free. GIG works with many types of food services to successfully implement gluten-free options safely. GIG’s programs have been implemented in hotels and hospitals, camps and schools, and many restaurants, including numerous pizza chains. While GIG appreciates Domino’s desire to offer a gluten free pizza, we do not feel the effort put forth demonstrates a true commitment toward making a safe environment for producing gluten free food. As more restaurants try to meet the need of gluten free consumers, GIG reminds you that it is important to feel confident in the meal you are ordering. Ask questions. If you are not confident, the meal is safe – do not eat it.”

I agree GIG!

 So what are we do do about this issue?

In 114 days we will be given a new Gluten Free food labeling standard from the FDA.
If we as a Gluten Free community want to live a safe and healthy lifestyle then we should require companies and organizations such as NFCA to practice our 
high standards of safe Gluten Free food.

1in133.org - Support Cupcakes For A Cause

Last week, Jules Shepard,

one of the founders of the grassroots movement – 1 in 133
 and radio show host 

interviewed Alice Blast, president of NFCA.  
Jules and Alice discussed the Domino’s and Amber issue.  Jules explained to Alice that the NFCA is not serving the public on this issue by giving it an Amber Designation.  
There really is no place for this type of classification when it comes to Gluten Free food. 

Alice urged the Gluten Free public to tell her and her organization as to what to do about this issue.

Jules started the 

I signed the DITCH AMBER petition and urge you to join me to


we deserve higher and safer standards from their organization for
people with Celiac Disease.
Happy Celiac Awareness Month!


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