Gluten Free Iced Coffee – CUPPOW!

I love love love my iced coffee! 
 As the weather warms up I love drinking iced coffee out of a big wide mouth glass canning jar.
Growing up in Texas we used to drink iced tea out of canning jars.  Most of the restaurants in Texas would also serve iced tea in canning jars.  When I started to travel and move to other areas of the country I thought everyone drank out of canning jars … so of course when I got hooked on iced coffee I would make it in canning jars too.

Well I am pleased as Gluten Free pie to tell you
that I can drink out of my canning jar and take it with me!

No paper cups or waste!

Thanks to this fun little “grown up gadget” called CUPPOW!

Fill your jar with your favorite drink,
screw the lid on
take the BPA free  – CUPPOW with you.
Put it in a cooler bag and let it chill until you are ready to enjoy at a picnic, the beach or at work.

When you are ready to drink your beverage,
unscrew your wide mouth lid from your jar,
remove the center part
put the CUPPOW
in the middle,
screw the lid on
enjoy …
 now without spilling your drink all over you!

is dishwasher safe, 
eco friendly, 100% recyclable 

Save the environment and your favorite t-shirts at the same time! 
You can order directly from CUPPOW $7.99 each  

Bravo to my friends Joshua and Aaron at CUPPOW 
for creating such a cleaver little grown up gadget!

So I know what you are thinking right about now …
I really wish I knew how to make …
Lisa’s KA (Kick Ass) Iced Coffee

Gluten Free, Non Dairy and No Sugar!

I make one big pot of coffee and store it in the jars in the fridge.

I even mix the coconut milk and palm sugar in it because it just melds into 
creamy deliciousness as it chills!

Bonus … it is ready to go and be consumed!

No stopping or standing in line at a coffee shop!

Plus I have yet to go to a coffee shop that serves it like mine …
strong … slightly sweet … creamy!

Brew one pot of Café Du Monde Chicory Coffee in a Chemex.
Let cool …

Pour the coffee into wide mouth canning jars, 
1/2 to 3/4 from the top.
1-2 Tbs coconut milk creamer
into each jar
mix well,
chill in the fridge until you are ready 
and need some  Lisa’s KA iced coffee!


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