Earth Day Everyday

I do my best to celebrate my favorite globe … 
the EARTH 
Everyday in every way!
So I say 
celebrate Earth Day Everyday!
One of my favorite ways to do my part is in the kitchen using
 products that love the Earth like I do.
I use 
I love all of their products but my
most used product is their parchment paper!
I love love love it so much that I took a picture of it 
and use it as my background image for my blog!
I love the rich natural color of their products.  
The parchment paper saves time and energy for easy clean up for all sorts of projects. 
Use it to line a pan to roast vegetables,
really great to use when making Brussels Sprouts and sweet potato fries to keep the stickiness off of your favorite pans! 
Wrap some fish with it to steam cook it, 
wrap homemade treats
as always it is really great to use when baking cookies, 
and rolling out Gluten Free dough!
Even cupcakes and muffins are better with 
Gluten Free snacks and sandwiches travel nicely wrapped up in 
100% Unbleached paper bags.
The look so cute too! 
Clean up with 
sponge cloths that are highly absorbent,
reusable many times instead of using paper towels,
and machine washable!
Break the paper towel habit with this 100% natural sponge 
that absorbs quickly – up to 20 times its weight in liquid!
Made from renewable Non-GMO cotton.
Compostable too!
Say “Goodbye” …  to paper towels!
Look for IF YOU CARE products at your local grocery store.
If your favorite store does not sell these products please show them this post and ask them
to start offering these products. 


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