I’m In Love With Cocopotamus Truffles!

I am in love … with Max and Ally Sinclair … 
well actually let me clarify that … 
their chocolate truffles!
This is one of those things that I am sharing with you but if you choose to read on …
continue at your own risk because
you will want these and fall in love with them like me! 
Trust me on this one! 
To die for! 
I found this company when I was searching for a special gift. 
I contacted the owners to find out more about their special little 
Cocopotamus fudge ball truffles!

Everything about this company is so fun and joyful!

The best part about them is that the chocolates are Gluten Free because Max is one of us! 
Max has Celiac Disease like me!
Don’t take this the wrong way but I really love supporting companies that actually have a reason – they or someone in their family has Celiac Disease or is Gluten Intolerant.  They live the life of being Gluten Free so they understand the pain and frustration that one can get from their food.

Ally and Max have real passion to create such lovely,  playful fudge balls by hand.  They originally opened an award winning dessert cafe called NYDC. Their passion is chocolate so after such success, they started Cocopotamus Chocolates to make artisanal, small batch, hand dipped chocolate truffles in June of 2009.

Live with vision, humor and joy – this is their philosophy that you can see on their packaging and in every bite of their sinfully delicious and addictive chocolate truffles.

Read more about Ally and Max on their website
Fudge happens. Have a ball.

Luckily for us they both were created from a long line of family foodies!

I couldn’t resist the names and the flavors! 
I want all of them but this was the perfect sample to make me fall head over heels.
Each box contains 5 individually wrapped hand-dipped chocolates.
Soft, fresh, smooth, creamy and sinful are the words that come to mind after each bite … 
oh and more please! 
Bo Peep 88% Dark Chocolate Black REAL Raspberry fudge truffles!
This is pure real raspberry goodness with cacao powder on the outside for a little extra treat!
Hang Loose with creamy real coconut and rich DARK chocolate! I am such a nut for coconut!
My absolute favorite combination! 
Naked Hottie Mexican Cinnamon Dark Chocolate fudge … reminds me of my favorite Mexican Cocoa that I used to drink growing up during the cold winters in Texas … it just tastes like home! 
I think they named this one after me … 
didn’t they?! 
There are so many more fun flavors go see for yourself!
Cocopotamus was at the Oscars and Golden Globes! How cool is that?! Now you can send your own celebrity favorite gifts to your friends and family.  Great for any occasion, buy them wholesale for a big event like a wedding or corporate gifts.
You can buy them online or at a store near you.  
For more information please go to their website.
A big 
to Max for taking the time to chat with me and
 to share their 
amazing chocolate love with me.  
Enjoy Cocopotamus chocolate daily it will make you extremely happy! 

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